The Company Behind the Successful Vehicle Exchange


The Company Behind the Successful Vehicle Exchange

The World Flying Machines Association (WFM) has decided to launch its new professional racing series named “The New Generation”, a project of Russian super car rally champion Alexander Bratchov. Bratchov will drive the ultra sports vehicle which bears the name Ufa. The decision came after the association board approved a bid by Ufa International, a company owned by one of Bratchov’s former partners, Valentin Beletsky. Ufa is aiming to build a new generation of high-performance sports cars, using ultra high-tech bodywork, lightweight materials and cutting-edge engineering.

“The budget for this project was limited, but it turned out to be a successful venture”, says Oleg Deritkin, General Director of Ufa. “The strong financial position of Ufa, the great health of its finances and favourable historical cash flow made the growth path the most appropriate one for us.” The financial situation of Ufa, a regional administrative and financial centre of the Volga River area of Bashkortostan, is on the decline, but the increasing number of visitors to the region in the summer months (when temperatures are usually higher) gave a significant boost to the economy. The positive cash flow and growing interest in the sport were also major factors in the decision to introduce a new series.

“The New Generation” will use the latest V-Tech products. It is envisaged that the new designs will be used in Ufa race cars in addition to the traditional light trucks and SUVs that already form part of the company’s range. Ufa is the worlds only producer of its own design of high performance vehicles. Bratchov is very excited by the prospects for the new project. “We are establishing a brand in a new segment of the market,” he states. “So far we have launched sports utility vehicles, sports utility trucks, and mini vans – all using our own design.

The main business activity in Ufa is currently planning the development of the plant. The company’s management is extremely enthusiastic about the prospects of building this state of the art modern plant. The project will mainly generate enough revenue to pay for the costs and then allow the company to make further developments. The development will allow the company to increase its capacity and build a bigger range of vehicles. This is, of course, contingent upon the success of the first phase of the project.

Ufa has already begun developing its first four vehicle models. The development is expected to be finished by the end of 2021. The new designs for these four models are to be released to the market by the end of 2021. Once again, it is hoped that the model range will attract more sports enthusiasts from across the world.

For the moment, Ufa remains focused upon developing new designs for its SUV range and has no immediate plans to expand into other areas. A representative of Ufa Motorsports, a company which owns fifty percent of Ufa, stated that they remain “focused” to produce powerful sports cars. The plan at the moment is to improve upon the SUVs already on sale. As long as the company retains this mission, they have every intention of being successful.