The City of Ufa

Ufa is the second largest city and capital of the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan. The city lies in the center-west of Bashkortostan on very steep mountains forming the Ural Mountains. The main residential and commercial area of Ufa consists of various outlying settlements built on higher levels than the city proper itself. At one time, Ufa was the capital of Ufa district. It was incorporated into the Russian Federation in 1920 and became a new administrative center for the entire region. Today, it is the biggest city in the region with a population of more than a million people.


The capital’s most famous landmark is the Ural Mountains, a picturesque series of peaks rising straight from the valley below. The district’s main landmark is the Severina Bugushki, a picturesque red rock formation that dominates the valley. The Bugushki is actually a series of seven interconnected ravines situated on the Ural Mountainside between the towns of Severina and Ufa. Every year, on this day, thousands of people from the region flock to the Bugushka to take part in a popular folk festival and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of the valley below. The presidential business center, Hotel Epsilon, is located near the center of Ufa and the Severina Bugushki is usually visited by dignitaries and foreigners.

While on a trip to Ufa, the best way to see the magnificent sights is to hop onto a train that crosses the Ufa-Krasnitsin railway and reach the presidential house museum. The building is constructed in the neo-classical style and designed by Kirov architect Alexey Navalnyev. The house museum houses a rich collection of valuable artworks, including famous Russian works like the sketch of St. Nicholas (dating back to the 13th century), a portrait of Catherine the Great and a copy of Maxim Boniface’s The Golden Tablet. Other priceless collections include coins belonging to Catherine the Great as well as those made by contemporary Russian artists.

Ufa, along with the Urals, forms the principal part of Russia’s Trans-Siberian region and many tourists come to see the rich cultural heritage of this region. The most populated area of Ufa is the city of bashkortostan and the largest cities of those is Ufa itself. bashkortostan is home to the main airport of Ufa and has a train service linking the city to all other major cities of Russia.

Ufa and its neighbouring towns form the heart of Russia’s Far East and have been a popular destination for people travelling to the country for many years. The cities have good transport links to all the main cities of Russia and are close to the Chinese border. There is also a railway connection to Ufa and it makes for an excellent base from which to explore the rich cultural heritage of Ufa. The railways connect Ufa to the very north of belaya, the main cities of the Ural mountains and Irkutsk. By combining Ufa with the very popular Irkutsk journey you can see quite a bit of Russian territory, including the Khovsgolsk and Pskovski districts.

By booking flights to Ufa you will be able to visit this interesting place in greater comfort and allow yourself time to enjoy the city. If you are planning to travel to Ufa consider booking accommodation near the city center or ask for a room in one of Ufa’s hotels. Be sure to look for a room with a view over the city’s river and the river itself. The river allows you to observe the far away city lights and boats as they cruise along the Volga River. You should also make sure you have enough spare cash for a taxi ride back to the airport after your trip is over.