The City of Ufa in Russia

Ufa is the largest city and capital of the Autonomous republic of Bashkortostan within the Russian Federation. The city lies in the middle-west of Bashkortostan on extremely high hills forming the Ural and Belaya rivers. The most important part of Ufa is its port with the main industries of the plastron, silica, grain, fertiliser, etc. Being the capital of Bashkortostan it is a very important place for any tourist visiting this region. Here are some of the must visit places in Ufa.


There is a special Ufa museum that is devoted to the presidents of various countries of former Soviet Union including the famous Mr. Gorbachev. This museum has a very impressive collection of valuable artwork, medals, books, medals and chocolates which were autographed by different leaders. The museum also has a fine arts gallery with works of famous artists of Russian art. All these have been collected by the Russian government during many years from the autograph collectors of this region.

The famous Rashtrovaya Mosque is located near the popular St. Nicholas Cathedral in Ufa and is one of the oldest mosques in Russia. The Russian Orthodox Church of worships the Great Mother Goddess of Ufa as a hall of honor is built inside the church for the Fatima Foundation which was founded by the prophet Mohammed. It is built under the guidance of the holy Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Fathers.

The capital of Bashkortostan is St. Petersburg, while the largest city in Ufa is St. Petersburg. Both cities are built in the same style with the St. Petersburg’s dome being taller than the one in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg is considered to be the most beautiful city in Russia and is home to the world famous Saint Petersburg International Airport. Many tourists fly in to visit this beautiful place every year. The atmosphere of St. Petersburg is very unique with plenty of historic buildings.

The nearest airport to Ufa is in Moscow, which is about eighty kilometers from St. Petersburg. From Moscow you can take a taxi or even use the local buses and trams to reach the city center. The metro in St. Petersburg also connects to Ufa. The Eurostar trains go to the international airport of St. Petersburg. It takes about an hour to reach there.

Most of the shops and restaurants are found around the city center of Ufa. There are a few modern shopping complexes however. There is a wide variety of accommodation available for people who visit Ufa.