The City of Ufa, Bashkortostan

The term “UGA” stands for Universal Studios Germany. This company has been in business since 1929. Alternative Names: DEFA, Deutsche Film akademie, Unverferth, Universum Film-Aktiven. UFA was founded in 1917, after the German government centralized all the country s largest studios. Its primary goal was to promote German culture internationally and, within the next few years, to improve Germany s image at home and abroad.


The company has four themed parks that are located in Munich, Germany, Eindhoven, Netherlands, and Los Angeles, California. Six Flags Magic Mountain and coasters are the company’s main properties. These theme parks have separate sections for families, thrill seekers and thrill workers. At the southern section of Los Angeles, one can visit the President Hotel, which is the theme park’s headquarters. The park’s other sections are Bay Arcade, Space Coast and PowerBay.

Although Six Flags Magic Mountain and coasters are the main attractions at the company’s parks, the area also includes a host of other attractions. The President Hotel includes a shopping center and a restaurant. The Belaya Rubles Bar is a nightclub owned by Andriy Chrusci, who is the son of a famous Russian mob boss. Located on the Buzios side of the park, the restaurant offers traditional Belaya rubles cuisine and entertaining dance shows. The Buzios Side of the park features an authentic food market and the restaurant promise a variety of sampler platters and traditional dishes.

Outside the theme parks, visitors will find other attractions. Two other resorts in the town are the Ovoshchina Resort and the Zakonovski Hotel. The Ovoshchina Resort is situated north of the steppe on the northern part of the village. The hotel offers a gourmet food experience from the very beginning, while the Zakonovski Hotel is located on the sea side of the village. Both offer great views of the village and offer a relaxing atmosphere.

As one travels to the western part of the city, they will find a larger variety of hotels and resorts. The Krasnitska Hotel and the Krasna tramway are two examples of these. The Krasna tramway, or tramway to work, links a wide assortment of restaurants, shops, markets and other businesses along the way. The Ovoshchina Resort and its sister resorts lie on the opposite side of the village. The Ovoshchina Resort has two swimming pools, a fitness center, a spa and a restaurant. The other facilities at this resort include a shopping center and a meeting space.

The ufa international airport is the main gateway for people from all over the world traveling to Russia. International visitors can drive straight to Moscow and take advantage of all the major attractions there. They can also fly into the smaller city of Nizhny Novgorod, which is only 40 kilometers from Moscow. This makes it easy to visit other cities like Kazakstan, Turkmenistan, China and India as well as other parts of central and western Russia. Once they have visited these places and made connections back to Ufa, visitors can look forward to a wonderful stay in one of the many ufa hotels.