The City of Ufa and Belaya, Russia


The City of Ufa and Belaya, Russia

To many, Ufa and Bashkortostan are two distinctly different cities; however, they are one and the same. Both cities are very similar to each other, but their differences are more in form than in function. Like St Petersburg, another large Russian city, Ufa too is a sought-after tourist destination. The reasons for its popularity are many, but it is also well known for having some of the finest sportbooks in the world.

Ufa (Izhevsk) is one of three cities that make up the Ufa Autodrom Club, which is an international club for racing enthusiasts, sports lovers, and all others interested in motor sports. The other cities are Ufa itself, along with the cities of Arkhangai and Tomsk. As one enters the city through the Izhevsk International Airport, one will find the airport parking lot, which is guarded by armed police officers, and will then find themselves in front of a wide staircase that takes them directly to club headquarters. Once there, one can enter the building and look around, or even take a tour around the complex.

One cannot visit Ufa without having a ticket; therefore, all travelers wishing to enter this city must have a valid visa before boarding. Those wishing to partake in any sport betting may need to acquire a visa beforehand, or they may want to get their visa a bit later, but still prior to their departure. There are many people who enter the city of Ufa by car; however, it is actually much easier to travel from the airport to Ufa by train. The railway station in Ufa is quite close to the international airport and is one of the most convenient ways to reach there. However, if one does not wish to use the railway station, they can simply take a taxi or a bus into the city.

Once inside the walls of the club headquarters, one can look around and take in all of its beauty, including the interior of the club’s treasury, which features various works of art, antique Russian money, and other treasures. There is also a restaurant that offers delicious cuisine, along with souvenirs for purchase. All of these activities make the club truly unique, as it is not commonly found in other Russian cities. The reasons that someone would wish to visit Ufa could include an exotic vacation, or to partake in an activity such as race betting.

The capital of Ufa, Arkhangelsky, is about a two-hour drive from Ufa by car. However, it is possible to get there by plane, and it is often considered to be a more practical way to see the city. The population census, based on 2000 census data, indicates that there are presently only around seven hundred and thirty-two thousand people calling Ufa their home. The city, however, is growing every year and currently has a little over three hundred thousand residents. The rapid growth of Ufa since the dissolution of the Soviet Union has also added to the confusion surrounding its legal status. Some sources suggest that the city is part of pre-Soviet vodka republics, while others point to it being completely independent.

If you are interested in touring the world’s oldest cities, whether on an exotic vacation, or in order to study Russian history for a college class, Ufa and its satellite towns offer a unique opportunity. The area is also known as the Old Country, because of its many similarities to the historic lands of the Russian Empire. These towns were historically important to the Russian government, but during the breakup of the Soviet Union, they were allowed to go in order to preserve their heritage. Nowadays, visitors to Ufa and other Russian satellite towns can take in not only the rich cultural heritage of their country, but also an incredible array of historical attractions, ranging from the stunning work of art in Braganca to the fascinating architecture and stunning shopping centers of Pascherti, which was a key trading post along the Silk Roads. Thus, those who wish to explore the ancient civilization of Europe, and the strong spiritual and cultural roots of its people, might find a number of interesting destinations to visit while they travel through Ufa and Belaya.