The Brand Ambassadors of RFU

“We strongly believe in the innovative strategic management of UFA,” said John C. Maxwell, UFA Chief Marketing Officer. “I’m proud to lead our digital marketing strategy and company development, and enjoy working with our new partners across our four markets.” The strong financial results, low overhead and solid cash flow position supported the recent upbeat outlook, the agency continued.


In January, President Hotel Ritz Carlton established UFA as a strategic partner, with a unique marketing program that leveraged the strengths of both companies to create an experience unlike any other in the travel industry. The creation of the first Middle Eastern hotel was a key focal point of UFA’s new marketing initiative, which leveraged traditional travel marketing opportunities as well as social media. At the launch, the President Hotel shared that more than 100 Middle Eastern hotels had signed on to participate in the marketing program. “The response has been overwhelming,” said Ritz Carlton. “Now we look forward to sharing the incredible opportunities that come from creating a successful and profitable partnership with UFA.”

The new UFA hub in St. Petersburg, Florida, which will open in spring of 2021, will include a full service hotel, restaurants and bars, conference and convention facilities, an airport for private and commercial flights, a second airport that will be connected to the international airport of Moscow and the famous Pushkin Square. The project includes over 100 guestrooms, meeting rooms, restaurants and bars, a wide range of premium amenities, an elegant and trendy city center, a shopping village and a wide selection of premium transportation options including taxis, rails, buses and the newly developed metro system. The plan is designed to leverage the strengths of each company to create a complete experience beyond compare.

For the President Hotel and the surrounding region of Saint Petersburg, RFU will serve as the brand ambassador while vodka has been named the brand of choice for the restaurant. In accordance to the terms of the deal, each of the companies will use their respective logos on a wide range of property and menu branding throughout the region. The restaurant brand ambassador will be responsible for driving business through the promotion of both brands in the city center and beyond. In the case of UFA, that responsibility will fall on the shoulders of the brand ambassador, while RFU takes the lead in marketing and managing the partnership.

A key benefit of having a brand ambassador is that it helps to spread the word about your hotel throughout the region. This helps your reputation become renowned. While St. Petersburg is a relatively small city, if you fail to reach out to the residents of the area, your brand may never find the chance to blossom. For that reason, it is crucial that you make your presence felt and that your brand ambassador speaks to locals at every opportunity. Of course, every brand ambassador is different: they may speak to locals at only selected establishments or speak to anyone who will listen, but there is a certain synergy that comes from being able to reach out to the community at large.

While you do not have the responsibility of directly interacting with the public, you are still required to make your presence felt and promote the hotel wherever possible. That is why it is advisable to schedule your visits to coincide with events you know will bring the community together, whether it is a St. Petersburg International Trade Show or a charity festival. These events will also provide the brand ambassador with opportunities to meet other business people from other countries, thereby reinforcing the growing relationship between the RFU and UFA. If you are unable to participate in an event, you can always make your presence known by sponsoring an event of your own and spreading the good word. If you are successful in doing this, you will soon find that you have built strong ties with one another and the RFU will be your brand ambassador.