The Best Russian Style Tourist Accommodation in Ufa and the CIS


The Best Russian Style Tourist Accommodation in Ufa and the CIS

Ufa is actually the capital of the Russian Federation. It’s located on the bank of the Belaya (White) River near the town of Arkhangai. During the early times of the Mongol Empire, their biggest city was also located here, Bashgirdt. After the division of Russia into various countries, Ufa was incorporated into the successor states of the USSR. The most important city of Ufa now is Arkhangai, which was an integral district of Ufa until it became a separate city in 1990. Many historical landmarks of Dashnaparta, Chechnya and Ingushetia can be found here.

There are many famous places to visit in Ufa, such as the fortress “Basti”, the Ufa-Archa resort (the only temperate hotel resort in Ufa), the Ufa-Kurset park (the only temperate park in Ufa) and the Dashnaparta ancient house museum. The Ufa-Archa resort and the Dashnaparta ancient house museum are considering to be the key attractions of Ufa, with the Basti located in the middle of town. The Ufa-Kurset Park (built in the 15th century and now a popular picnic spot) attract many tourists with its scenic surroundings and beautiful scenery.

The city center of Ufa is very nice, having plenty of shopping malls, restaurants, bars and hotels. However, the best part of Ufa is definitely the fortress. The fortress “Archa” was built during the reign of Peter the Great and overlooks the river Ufa and the village of Dzhuna (also a part of Dashnaparta). The inside of Archa consists of a main building, a guard house, several palaces and a house museum.

Beside the fortress, another famous landmark in Ufa is the Ufa Cathedral, also built during Peter’s era. The Cathedral, dating from the sixteenth century, is known to have contained a mosaic mural depicting the victorious battles of Belaya and defending Moscow against the Turks in 16ovies. The most important architectural landmark in Ufa is again the fortress “Basti”, which mainly contains the Dashnaparta fortress (the northern part of town). Besides all this historical landmarks the Ufa region has many beautiful gardens and beautiful parks.

After having such a fantastic trip through ufa, you can easily explore the whole region of actors (Russian for metropolis). It’s an area full of cultural life, with a wide variety of museums dedicated to arts, culture, history, literature and all things Russian. The most famous park in Ufa is “Leninskaia ufa”, a large natural park with a central forest. The surroundings are very peaceful and relaxing: you can listen to the birds singing peacefully in the morning, enjoy a picnic or just sit on the bench and admire the beauty of nature.

The last stop of our journey through ufa and the CIS would be the “president Hotel”. You can easily reach it by taking the interne boulevards or by using a rented car. The hotel is located at the heart of town and the interior is based on simplicity and spontaneity. The architecture of the building exudes a unique style, created especially by a famous architect named Alexey Orlov. After all this, it is easy to see why this is considered to be the best Russian style tourist resort, even more so than the popular bashkortostan hotel.