The Best Places to See in Moscow, Russia

The first thing you need to know about Ufa, the Russian airline is that it’s not connected to Aeroflot or other larger Russian airlines. Flights to Ufa operate from Ufa International Airport (IAA: UFA). There is only one plane a day to Moscow from this airport. There are regular flights to St. Petersburg and to Istanbul, Turkey also. There are direct flights from Dubai, Egypt and many other destinations in the Middle East.

A short drive from Ufa is the city center of Severino-Khrushchaya, a historical city that contains a number of fine museums. There is a section called the Historical Museum of Kharkov, which is one of the best preserved sections in town. This section houses the house museum of Vasili Khrenov, the former leader of Ufa.

The region of Volodka (also known as Volga) is on the edge of the Volga River and is home to the Leninskaiai (Leninskaia) military Glory. The region was named after the leader of the Turkish military forces, Mustafa Kemal Attuda. This area was included within the orbit of the ufa. If you’re planning a vacation to Volodka and you’re interested in checking out the Leninskaiai Military Glory Museum, make sure you visit the city center around Shilova-Khrushchaya.

One of the most impressive sights in Volodka is the three grand hotels of Krylishchevsky, Epsilon and Epsilutska. All three of these hotels are on the tops of the list when it comes to luxury and their status within the ufa. The Epsilutska Hotel is the third place that the grand bosses of the ufa visit on a regular basis. These three hotels all have swimming pools. The swimming pool of the Epsilutska is located just beside the entrance of the building and it’s possible to hire a hot tub. The swimming pool of Krylishchevsky Hotel is situated just across the street.

For an amazing view of the Moscow from a hill top, one should head out to the village of Dashnykoff. The village of Dashnykoff is on the very edge of Moscow and was a retreat for the elite of Russia before it became a capital. The town of Dashnykoff is famous for its thick forests and many breathtaking views of Moscow. The village of Dashnykoff is also home to the ufa’s only club – Belaya.

Belaya is one of the newest clubs to open in Moscow. It was established by the ex-minister of ufa, along with his friend from Harvard university, the late Harvard University professor; Professor George J. Cherkasov. Belaya is situated in a very desirable part of town and is frequented by both Russian and international businessmen. The club has a bar, restaurant, lounge and a pool. Belaya offers access to some of the finest clubs in Russia and even some of the best lounges in Europe.