The Autonomy of Ufa, Russia

Ufa is the largest town of the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan. It is located on the bank of the Belaya (White) River south of Ural mountains. During the medieval times, it was the largest city located here, Bashgirdt, where their biggest market and government centre were found. Later on, it turned out to be a crossroad between Asia and Europe, the main trade routes for horses and grain were found here. Today, it is one of the most visited cities with all its magnificent buildings and monuments.


Ufa is a crossroad between Europe and Asia. The largest proportion of Russians lives in Ufa (half the population of bashkortostan). The city has various historical sites, museums, monuments, theatres and a lot of shopping malls. At present, the city attracts large number of tourists, both from Russia and from the neighboring countries.

People come to Ufa for various purposes. The military Glory of Ufa includes the Grand Palace, the Central Military District and the Ministry of Defense. All these buildings are major attractions of ufa. Besides, there are other magnificent constructions such as: the First Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Cathedral of Mary the Mother of God, the Orthodox Holy Land Education Center, the Tversky Building and the Kazan Cathedral.

The modern-day Ufa has a lot of hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. Besides, there are a lot of shopping centers such as: Semyonovski Center, ul. Ovorkaya, ul. Steponska and ul. Mozgovaya. The Belaya Mall is an outdoor mall with a large variety of shops and restaurants. There are also many amusement parks like: park Plesnoe, Volynia Park and Kubassevskoye Park. The town of Ufa is a part of belaya. Thus, people come to ufa to visit the magnificent churches, palaces and temples.

The Ufa’s population is mainly male. The proportion of female population is almost 0.7%. Though there are some settlements of women but their number is quite negligible. The inhabitants of ufa differ in terms of nationality – the ufa has people who are totally Russian, while the belaya has a mix of different nationalities.

Tourists from Russia come to ufa mostly to shop for goods. In fact, people go to ufa to have a relaxing holiday. They may visit ufa to buy souvenirs like paintings, carpets, silverware, glassware and other collectibles. Some of these tourists are interested in art and culture. The most popular artifacts of ufa include ballets and sculptures depicting spiritual scenes, nature, and the history of ufa.