Taurendom, Philippines

The National Association of Ufa (Union of Automobile Drivers) was established in October 2005. It is a Russian-owned company that serves all kinds of drivers across the country. At the time of its establishment, the association already has four million members. This was not surprising since the Ufa brand enjoys a high market share amongst car drivers in Russia, in addition to a very good reputation in many countries abroad.


According to the definition, Ufa means “Union of Automobile Employers”. However, some people have argued that this term actually means “Unlimited Association of Automobile Employers”. Because of this confusion, the association changed the name to simply “Unlimited Auto Company” or “UVF”. Ufa’s impressive healthy financial performance, low debt service and solid cash position contributed to the recent positive outlook, the association stated. Further, the region of Volga River, home of Ufa, is on the border with the Samoan island of Tonga.

In fact, Tongans, who are the original inhabitants of the region, are the only ones who call the place Ufa. The other major group which uses this name for their residence is the Volga Bulgars. Both groups refer to Ufa as Polynesian. The reasons for these names may be lost in the mists of time. Nevertheless, the association points out that the origin of the name goes far back to Samoans.

The Samoan pronunciation for Ufa is “uzza”, while the Samoan pronunciation for UVF is “fu oi fa”. Another example of mixing the Samoan and Polynesian languages is in the case of Ufa, which is commonly pronounced as “fu oi ufa”. A third possibility for the pronunciation of Ufa is “oo ufa”. Since the latter spelling is more commonly used by the Samoans themselves, it may be considered as the most correct variation of the word.

Polynesians were known for their crafts. The women were highly respected due to their skills in weaving and making beautiful baskets. The Ufa people enjoyed a higher level of prosperity because they were known for being proficient in dealing in grain and other agricultural products. The people of Ufa region, mostly the Taurens, were highly regarded for their expertise in pottery. They were well-known for their production of beautiful paintings.

As one comes down from the high mountain passes, the landscape changes dramatically. The flora and fauna can be seen everywhere. The spectacular views of the region, such as mountain forests, lakes, waterfalls and lush plains, along with abundant sunshine, make the Taurendom home to some of the most photographed locations in the world. The tropical climate in Taurendom allows residents to be outdoors year-round. The residents of Taurendom live in an area located close to the tropical forests, which provide a safe and secure environment for them to raise their families. The people of Taurendom take great pride in preserving their cultural heritage, maintaining their unique cultural practices, and preserving their native way of life.