Russian Ultras – RFU and Super League

uFA, or Universal Sports Foundation, is an international network of athletic competitions which is being used worldwide, with athletes from over 150 nations. It’s the first international platform of men and women’s ice skating, fencing, basketball, baseball and softball sports. The first event was launched in the early 1960s to support sport and physical Education. But today, the organization has grown significantly and today it plays a greater role in the wider field of sport and health.


In eastern Georgia, located on the foothills of the enormous Topsail Mountains, UFA and its partners have played a vital role in building a solid foundation of young athletes in Georgia. Through the many projects and efforts of UFA, towns and villages in Georgia with small communities of more than 2021 people have been developed, which now provide the necessary facilities for a healthy sports environment. The main participants of uFA activities are the people of the remote rural localities of Pascherti, Rustaveli, Panko Gorge, Sumgolu and Elkhart. The aim of the projects organized by uFA is to encourage young talented athletes to participate in sports and to improve the conditions for the athletes.

The projects are aimed at providing adequate educational opportunities to the underprivileged youth in UFA’s accredited regions, such as Rasluk, Batumi, Gori, Saftoldor, Karsendorf, iToreturn, Bishkek, Sumgolu and other cities in Russia and its regions. Besides, the participants of these programs are given rewarding scholarships, as well as, free treatment in hospitals and clinics in those places where they travel. Athletes who participate in uFA competitions get a special citation that represents their participation. In addition, Russia is one of the twenty-two foreign countries that have signed thereements with the European Olympic Committee (Horizon 2021 Program). Therefore, athletes can receive financial assistance from the Russian government towards the organization of the games.

uFA works closely with the Russian government, both at the national and regional levels. The current list of accredited regions in Russia comprises twenty-one out of the total forty-eight regions of the country. Among cities in Russia that are accredited by uFA include: Novosibirsk, Tver oblast, Chashanovsk, Barnaul, Krasnitsky, Vorkuta, Chelyabinsk, Vyazma, Severodvinsk, Yarovaya, Irkutsk, Samara, Arkhangai, Nizhevsk, Arkhangai, Chepauk, Samara, Tver, Kirov, Ural, Samen, Uzhuren, Komi, Kharkov, Samui, Samode, Khorgas, Viatka, Vologda, Leningrad, Tver, Arkhangai, Sheremety, Volikova, Samovor, Samtsevsky, Zholob, Pushkins, Korovai, Zabrystovsk and others.

uFA is also a member of the Association of Russian Communities (ARC), which is a prominent inter-regional organization which is a division of the Russian Federation of local autonomous regions. The primary task of the ARC is to build up the unity of the Russian communities in all parts of the country, including the remote rural areas where the population is dispersed in large numbers. uFA has its own system for conducting its census, which counts the inhabitants of the rouble centred republic within the defined geographical area. It divides the Russian populations into seven principal economic regions, including four central Russian districts namely Moscow, Tverland, Kaliningrad and Chelyabinsk. A population census is carried out for each of these principal economic regions separately.

As per the constitution of the RSFS, all of the republics of Russia except for Samotnov are part of uFA. All of them are placed within the same league. The super league1st is also formed by the merging of these seven republics into one. Under the terms and conditions of this league, no member can participate in another league for two consecutive years. Under specified circumstances a team leader can transfer from one team to another member of this league.