Reasons Why You Should Use Russian Trainers When Training in Russia


Reasons Why You Should Use Russian Trainers When Training in Russia

The Financial Accounting Standards Board, or FASB, has expressed its opinion that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) needs to update its athletic bets rules. UFA is the governing body for tax-exempt commercial sports transactions, such as wagering on college and professional football games and boxing matches. In April of 2009, the agency announced that it would no longer allow tax deductibles for gambling, except for those wagers made in person, through a bookmaker or through an Internet gaming site. In an interview with the Boston Globe, IRS Chief Operating Officer acting Assistant Commissioner Stephen Russell defended the move saying, “We simply don’t have the time to do the assessments.”

Russel says the move is aimed at limiting “unauthorized” wagering on amateur athletic events. “The new guidelines are designed to eliminate the possibility of professional athletes indulging in gaming activities for private gain,” he said. “The revised guidelines will not apply to all games or events, including athletics.” He went on to add, “But we will consider requests for review to include games or events in which there is an appearance of impropriety.” In response to the announcement, UFA President Scott Burns released a statement saying, “While we appreciate the opportunity to express our views, we are not obligated to publicly comment.”

The question of whether or not the Internal Revenue Service will allow professional gamblers to deduct their losses on UFA sports bets from their taxes remains to be seen. However, Russia, like the UK and some other countries including Bolivia, have become known as a Paradise for cheaters. It is estimated that Russian businessmen can pay as much as 80 percent of their winnings back to the government as a form of tax concession. Of course, in countries with weak economic foundations such as the former Yugoslavia, this may not always be the case. But even if you don’t have the assets to satisfy the tax man, a Russian businesswoman may be happy to give you some sweeteners such as discounted hotel stays or even a seat at the head table in one of her very own yachts.

Whether it’s the Olympics, World Cup, or anything in between, we all know that the financial support for sporting events in most European countries, and particularly in Russia, are enormous. In the case of Russia, there is even more generosity coming from the government. This means that businessmen and their families are literally being offered a hand by the Russian government to jump into the international sporting arena. And while there is no real proof or evidence of the systematic cheating that took place during the 1994 Winter Olympics in Russia, there was proof enough when Russian competitors were banned from the Olympic Games for tampering with the ice hockey ice. Of course, all of this came just before the 1994 FIFA World Cup, which served as a golden opportunity to expose the corruption and skullduckiness of UFA.

Besides the obvious advantages of hiring Russian athletes for your sports events, you can also take advantage of the fact that Russian laws and regulations regarding foreign competitions are usually stricter than those in the rest of the world. In particular, you might want to check whether you need special visas and authorizations for athletes coming from Russia. Of course, it goes without saying that when it comes to football, ice skating, and skiing, all athletes coming from the Russian Federation are required to have a visa in order to compete. The same goes for boxing and wrestling. Even in cases where the athlete was born in another country, he must first get a visa in order to compete in an international competition.

In any case, you will find that there are many benefits to hiring Russian athletes. Apart from the cost savings, you’ll also get to enjoy their passion for sport. There’s no question that Russia is a great place to visit. However, be sure that you get your money’s worth by hiring professionals who are capable of coaching athletes from the UFA and the RFS. As long as you have the proper papers, you should be fine.