Real Estate In Asia Is Expensive But Affordable

Ufa is among the largest cities in Russia, also known as the capital city of Bashkortostan oblast. It is also one of the largest commercial, cultural, sporting, spiritual, and academic centers of the nation, located around 1,350 kilometers southeast of Moscow. The city enjoys a moderate climate with a temperate year-round temperature. It lies on the bank of river Obushka (also called Oboronyka in Russian) where there are some beautiful beaches. Most of Ufa’s beaches are rocky promenades with some rocky parts with waterfalls and rocky areas at the ends of sandy cliffs.


The second largest city in the Rasputin district of Bashkortostan, it was signalled as a World Heritage Site in 1988. It hosts numerous ethnic Uralian cultural events, including folk music festival, ballets, dances, krystalized horse racing, balsamic vinegar traditional festival, etc. The ancient Buddhist monasteries built along the banks of Vystani river near the sea were renovated in modern style to serve as the summer residence for visiting foreign dignitaries. Besides, a replica of Khmer or red Thai fishing nets are also found here.

Besides, there is a large museum featuring collections of national and international famous art works depicting Russian history. Besides, a large collection of artworks of famous poets, artists, painters, etc. are also available. Among them, Pushkin, Aleksandr Pushkin, evoker of National Art, Peter Flowers, Denis Pushkin, Romanovitchiasm, and Peter Shoyer are worth mentioning.

Besides, there is a special museum with two rooms. One room houses the relics of ancient Khmer culture, while the other house the manuscripts of famous Khmer scholars and poets. A complete list of paintings, metal works, glassware and textiles which can be purchased from this museum is mentioned below: –

This is the largest UFA in Cambodia with a population of around eleven million. The city hosts an international fairs once in a month. The most famous Khmer festival is The Khmer New Year celebration. It takes place in April. The main highlight of this festival is a spectacular display of fire and colorful fabrics.

If you want to invest abroad, choose a property in one of Cambodia’s prime cities such as Phnom Phen city, Sihanoukville, Prese District, or Trat’s harbor. Before investing in such properties, be sure that you read the terms and conditions stated by the owner. It would be better if you get your favorite country’s currency for the purchase since an investment in an internationally recognized piece of real estate can cost you up to three times what you have paid for it in US dollars.