President Hotel and the City of Ufa

UFA is the second largest city and capital of the Russian Federation. The city lies in the center-west of Bashkortostan on large terrains forming the Ufa and Belaya rivers. It is also known as “the new Paris”. UFA is very popular for its enormous and stunning ice-ridden tundra. The river Ufa flows through the upper reaches of Ufa itself and the lower reaches of Samtsevsky and Astrakhan to reach the sea.

Ufa is a place that has a rich cultural and historical heritage. The city is divided into various districts: Ufa itself, Ural and Stavropolsk, where the bulk of inhabitants’ lives; and Sibirsk, which are the largest town in ufa. The Sibirsk oblast is the home of the famous house museum called the Pushkin museum, where you can see beautiful paintings, sculptures and other artworks by famous artists such as Pushkin, Khatchaturian and Ulkin. The Pushkin museum is open to the public on weekdays.

The Ural mountains provide the Ufa with a temperate climate all year round. The main towns of Ufa and Belaya are on the slopes of the Ural mountains, whereas Sibirsk is at the base of the mountains. The climate in Ufa and Belaya is very mild all-round. The climate in the cities is hot in summer and very cool in winter. The towns of Ufa and Ural have a variety of attractions for tourists. Tourists can enjoy a cruise down the river, ride on an elephant, go rafting on the river or visit the famous house museum.

The cities of Ufa and Belaya have a railway network that connects all the cities together. This is one of the most important connections between all the oblasts of ufa and belaya. The railways link all the cities and give easy access to all the parts of ufa and belaya. The train service is operated by the Ural railway company, and the train service is generally comfortable.

There are many historical buildings and museums in Ufa and Belaya. The museums in Ufa consist of fine art collections, and also various ancient works of art and monuments from different countries of Europe. The main museum in Ufa consists of the preserved village of Leninska, and the Severina fortress, the last fortress holding out against the Turks in 1527. The Severina fort and the village of Leninska are situated near the edge of the bay of Krasnoce along the Sea of Azov. The Leninska village is a picturesque place with old houses and a pleasant river. The president hotel is situated in a perfect position for visiting all the monuments and churches in Ufa and for sightseeing across the whole city.

The town of Ufa and its surrounding areas have a variety of accommodation options, ranging from small two-bedroom houses to large villas and hotels. These houses are generally situated on the outskirts of towns and are quite suitable for people who do not have time to make themselves comfortable in hotels. The price of these houses depends on the type of house and on the location. A private villa or a house in a Ural mountains village can cost you around 1000 Rubles per night.