President Hotel – A New Modern Hotel in Ufa

Ufa is the second largest city and capital of the remote Turkmenistan region of Russia. The town lies on the bank of the Ufa and Belaya rivers, at the confluence of those rivers. The airport is situated a few kilometers from the city. The main shopping area is located near the market square. The main ethnic Tashchens live in Ufa itself, while the Chechens mainly live in Kazmodin, a few kilometers to the north and mostly around the towns of Nazran and Shepte.


The ancient ufa market was built in the 7th century by the nomadic tribes of the steppe. The traders brought their varied goods, like cattle, sheep, goats, deer, wild boar, turkeys, partridges etc. Initially, the traders sold mainly grain, but later they started selling livestock and poultry also. At that time, the city center was built by princely families. But later on, the capital was changed into a palace by a khan. A palace named after the Kavorka khans was constructed, which still exists till date.

As already mentioned, Ufa lies in the center-northeastern part of Bashkortostan. It is one of the largest cities of Russia and a major trade center between the Central Asia and Europe. Tourists from all over the world come to see the ufa because it provides an insight into the rich cultural life of Russia and Central Asia. The region is also a popular destination for tourists looking for a place to stay in Russia or even for vacations.

As far as housing facilities are concerned, Ufa is unique in many respects. The most important aspect is that it has the largest number of buildings in all of Russia. Apart from these, there are several other things to note. The Russian language, culture, cuisine and customs are all present there. The climate is also suitable for both winter and summers. The largest cities of belaya, such as Ufa, have a well-developed transportation system, whereas the cities of Rashtroit and Shepte remain poorly developed.

The Rashtroit and Shepte areas are far from the administrative centers of Ufa and are quite out of town. From these areas, you can get to Ufa by taking buses, cars and bikes. The price of accommodation in Ufa is moderately priced and not very high. The president hotel and bashkortostan hotel charge rubles per person, whereas the rate is higher for rooms in Ufa itself. The hotels in Ufa also provide free services to their guests.

It’s good to have a car if you are traveling with family or friends because you will be able to explore more easily. If you plan on doing some recreation in Ufa, then you should make your reservations beforehand. The hotels in Ufa also have a store room where you can buy local products. You can even rent a bike to explore the area, but if you don’t want to do that, then you can also rent a cab for the day.