New Film Production Facilities in Russia – Part 2

The Russian far-flung city of Ufa is the latest place to sport a unique luau. The former capital city of the Volga River region of Bashkorton’ s western half about 1200 miles from Moscow. “Cities of an Old Beirut” mixes old-time Lebanese colors of reds, oranges and yellows with modern-day glitz and high-tech skyscrapers. An old-time barbeque in the courtyard and the traditional Russian “karavai” food on the table completes the special flavor of this unusual locale.


The capital city of Bashkorton, formerly known as Ufa, lies along the banks of the Volga River and is in the immediate vicinity of the Volga River, an important tributary of the river. The city center is set in a very old-fashioned city with buildings ranging from very old to mid-century modernity. Although the city has modern skyscrapers, it retains the feel of an old town. The only major setback for the city center is that the nearest airport is not too far and could easily be reached by automobile from any central Moscow hotels.

Tourists to Ufa will find it to be one of the most interesting places in the world. Located to the south of Moscow the city is also close to the Volga River and the Sea. Besides featuring an amazing ancient history, Ufa plays host to a wide variety of unique wildlife. The city is home to large numbers of pelicans and many other species of birds that migrate to the nearby forests in winter. There are also a few furs of bear, reindeer and musk deer that roam freely on the frozen birch forests in the region.

The movie “Gentleman Who Loves Women” is a great example of Russian artistry as the film depicts the life and culture of the Russian people side by side with their rich culture. A few of the main characters of the movie are a beautiful woman in a red hat, a chauffeur with the symbol of the cross on his cap and a German countess who are shown hunting in a field. As the movie progresses, the characters observe the customs and tradition followed in the region including the customary beating of calves. The Russian Culture in the region was inspired by the real life and a lot of people in the region can be seen wearing traditional clothing and jewelry.

The film production company decided to shoot a film in the Ufa Region of Russia and asked for permission to use some of the local landmarks. The permission was quickly granted, allowing the crew to film in the famous birch forest which forms the background for the films. The new company has managed to set up its first Russian production house in the region. The success of the company’s first project “The Log cabin” has given them the confidence to start new productions in other parts of the country.

The new UFA films “The Knick Knacks” and “Sleeping with Other People” will be shown in other ufa regions of Russia. The directors of the companies believe that the Ufa area should have more camera traps so that the possibility of getting hold of real locations is high. The cooperation between UFA and Germany film productions is quite successful as both parties share the cost of producing the movies. The cooperation has lead to many more productions which are shooting all year around. This means that the growing cooperation between the two countries will lead to even more opportunities for both the Russian speaking people and the German speakers who work in the German industry.