Information About Ufa German Cinema House

Ufa is the administrative capital of the autonomous Republic of Bashkortostan. It’s located on the river banks of the Belaya (White) River and is one of Russia’s biggest cities in regards to total area of space covered. In the ancient times, it was the largest city located here, Bashgirdt


In 2021, a big film production company from Germany visited this place, and they wanted to make an animated feature film in this region of Russia. So, a big celebration was held in Ufa, and everybody who came was treated very nicely, and all sorts of freebies were given to everybody, as well as some cash as well. At the time, Ufa was completely rebuilt, and several brand new buildings were built. After that, a large film studio was constructed. Later, a wide variety of retail shops was built.

In 2021, “Dumb and Dumber” were filmed here. starring Jeff Daniels and Michael Caine, it was directed by Wes Ball and featured Bill Murray. The funny thing is that both actors had previously worked on different projects in other parts of Russia. Caine plays Lloyd Christmas, and Jeff Daniels plays his best friend, Lloyd Wallington. Their friendship has brought them to Ufa, and the rest is film history.

Another interesting aspect of Ufa lies in its massive film production facilities. The town is only home to about 1500 people, yet it hosts big productions like “Star Wars Episodes I and II”, and “Empire Strikes Back”. Besides that, there are also smaller productions here and there. You can take a look at the “People’s Film” festival, which is organized here every year. Even though the village is small, with little commercial property, it is well equipped for film productions. There are modern grocery stores, movie theaters, and production facilities for all different types of media.

Currently, a new company has purchased the two theaters owned by Ufa German Cinema House. This means that the total number of screens has increased, and more movies are being produced. If you are interested in making movies, this may be a great place to start.

In short, Ufa (Urushi Funtag) is a small, but wonderful German town with beautiful landscapes and lots of potential. The town is strategically located near the ocean, meaning that if you are an adventurous type, you have many possibilities. It isn’t far away from Berlin and even has an international airport that offers direct flights from Germany, Switzerland, and France. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to make films or just relax and enjoy the beauty, as the owners of Ufa have made it very clear. For more information about Ufa, visit their website.