How To Plan A One Day Trip To Russia

This article is intended to provide an introduction to UFA, the abbreviation for United Airlines (Sponsored Airline). UFA is a direct carrier of international flights. Flights generally arrive at Ufa International Airport (IATA: UFA.) (The location of Ufa is not given on any maps and cannot be verified.) There is usually at least one scheduled flight a day from Ufa to Moscow and also to St. Petersburg.


The airport in Ufa is about forty miles from the largest city in Russia, Moscow. It is close to the Chinese border as well, which is one reason that China has become one of the major customers of ufa flights. In addition, the proximity of the city center to the airport means that the city can be easily reached by car from the airport.

Many people traveling to or from Ufa make their reservation online. At the time of this writing, the rate for a round trip ticket from Ufa to Moscow is around two hundred and sixty roubles per person. Two one-way trips can be booked for about seven hundred and forty roubles each. A one-way trip between Ufa and Beijing is about one hundred and forty roubles per person. This is less than one American dollar.

When you arrive at the ufa international airport in Russia, you will find a huge parking lot. You will be able to drive right up to your vehicle. When you have your passport and other needed papers ready, a passport control officer will escort you to a waiting bus. From there you will be driven to your hotel and if necessary, to the airport.

The area between Ufa and the Russian capital of Moscow is known as the “Golden Ring.” It is where many tourists spend their days. The hotels and restaurants are spread out along the boulevards and side streets. These are just some of the places that you may visit while you are in Russia. If you take a train from the ufa international airport in central Russia to the Russian capital of belaya, you will arrive in a few hours. The train ride is not comfortable, so you may want to consider another means of transportation.

If you are considering a one or two day trip to Russia, you may want to think about spending the day in Moscow or the Russian city of Saint Petersburg. Visiting these cities during a week or more time, you may never really get to experience the life of Russia fully. That is why it is always a good idea to reserve your flight and accommodation as early as possible. You can do this online, through a travel agent or through your own connections with people who know traveling before hand.