How to Get Access to Russian NFL Games and Russian Sportbooks


How to Get Access to Russian NFL Games and Russian Sportbooks

The Russian government has approved the adoption of UFA 24h, as a universal soccer standard. The new standard is widely accepted in countries that use international soccer tournaments, including Russia and Ukraine. FIFA is the governing body for soccer, and UFA is its international financial association. Its current head is Sevan Chung, who is also its Secretary-General. A number of soccer teams, including Vorksla, Besiktas, FC Lokau, Lokomotivsk, Sparta and Rubin Akademiejspor have joined forces with UFA.

The reason for sanctioned FIFA approval of ufa was the improvement in the financial condition of UFA. Besides, the association declared that it would provide services to the Russian football league for the next five years. “The association is working on a new financial model, which is expected to be adopted in 2021”, Chung told the reporters. “We believe that the association can become globally accredited by FIFA within two years”. UFA includes many clubs from Russia and neighboring countries. They have formed a mixed team called “the league of heavyweights” that plays regularly in the Ufa Stadium.

Many sportbooks have already started to offer Russian rubino online and in the near future, it will be possible to exchange the real rubles and virtual rubles using these services. Many sportsbooks claim that they are the only ones that provide such services. According to them, they have registered their connection with the most important Russian legal entities. Among them, they claim to have the services of the Federal Security Service and the Federal Trade Commission.

Many sportsbooks have gained recognition both in Russia and abroad. They are regarded as legitimate businesses by the Russian Interior Ministry. However, they are still working out some technical details. They cannot provide personal services at the moment, such as making payments or transferring funds from one currency to another. Although sportbooks that have registered themselves with the relevant authority may do these things, foreigners cannot use their sportsbook’s accounts.

The next steps for the sportbooks will be the integration of their service in FIFA. This is expected to happen in the next few months. Chung expects this to happen because the cooperation of the association and the FIFA is a step in the right direction. Once this is done, foreign visitors will be able to enjoy the football games in Russia free of cost.

The next thing that is expected from the sportbooks is their participation in the events of the Russian Football Championship. The championship will help the sportbooks make more money. As many people use sportbooks for their football games, the association is willing to give them the concession. As a result, many sportbooks will join the tournament and increase their customer base.