Hotels in Ufa – A Dream Place For Tourists

Ufa is actually the capital town of the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan; it is located on the bank of the Belaya (White) River. For many centuries, it has been a major cultural center for the whole region. Its role as an important junction point was crucial to the Silk Road trade, with traders bringing caravan products all the way from China to Europe via the Belaya River. In fact, the main link between the town of Ufa and the rest of the Russian Empire was the huge network of rivers that connected the two parts. Today, the most popular thing to do in Ufa is enjoying the river cruise along the shores of the Black and Caspian Seas.

At present, Ufa is home to a large number of art galleries and museums that have made collecting unique works of art a popular hobby. If you plan to visit the place soon, you should keep in mind that the real centre of action in Ufa is its magnificent dpezataya or house museum. The dpezataya or house museum is the biggest of all, and houses almost all important art collections from the distant historical periods of Russia. Besides, there is also the Ufa railway station that gives easy access to all parts of Ufa as well as to the different cities of Bashkortostan, Chelyabiyev, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Tula, Samotropolis and other important towns and cities of Russia.

The most famous collections are kept in the Ufa dpezataya or house museum, which mainly features ancient paintings, sculptures, jewelry, tapestries, carpets, glassware, metalwork and pottery. Apart from this, there are also a variety of works on wood, metal, leather, fabric, mosaics and terracota. These collections form an integral part of ufa’s rich cultural heritage and provide tourists a fascinating insight into the traditional culture and way of life of ufa’s former owners and residents. The interior of the house museum is decorated with oil paintings depicting contemporary rural life in Ufa and its nearby towns.

Besides, there are also a wide range of beautiful hotels and accommodation options in Ufa. Hotels in Ufa not only provide the required comfort and hospitality but also give the tourists a wonderful chance to see the beautiful places of Ufa as well as to explore the remote cultural roots of Russian people. As a matter of fact, many travelers who travel to Ufa make it a point to stay in hotels near the airport. Thus, they get the opportunity to explore the true essence of ufa’s culture and tradition. Another advantage of staying in hotels near the ufa international airport is that one can easily reach any of the important destinations in ufa very easily.

One can also reach the regional capital Moskhodar by traveling in a train. Once you reach the capital of Moscow, you can either take a train or take a bus. After reaching Moscow, one can travel by taxi or by air to reach Ufa, the largest city of ufa, delay, dacha, babushka and other cities of Russia.

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