Hotel Group in Ufa


Hotel Group in Ufa

Ufa is the largest and capital city of the Russian Federation. The town lies on the river junction of Ufa and Belaya rivers, at the junction of the Belaya basin and the Ufa-Khrushovka hills. The name “Ufa” comes from a town called “Front” in Ufa region, which today forms the main urban center of Ufa. The name “Front” was chosen as a nickname of a famous character by the author Tarzan, who lived in Ufa. The name “Taran” means “the wild man”.

The main aim of Ufa and its inhabitants is to protect the ecology of the environment of the rivers and the environment of the national park “Khrushovka”. As a result, Ufa has built numerous conservation areas and parks, which act as the national park. The city center is built on the banks of one of the rivers, the Ufa-Khrushovka.

The Ufa is a fast developing town and has become a major tourist and freight transport and communications centre of Russia. The main airport in Ufa is the Belaya airport, which is located not far from the railway station “Bryansk”. The railway station “Bolotny” is the main station for Ufa and its neighbouring regions. The railway station “Bryansk” is a major tourist spot, which is a picturesque and lively depot. The station and hub of Ufa’s economy are Ufa itself, which is also home to the largest house museum in Russia.

Ufa is a major cultural centre in Russia, housing the world famous Pushkin Museum of Ufa. The museum houses an array of cultural displays and arts and crafts works of modern and traditional Russian culture. The house museum houses an immense collection of different cultural objects, including woodwork, paintings, jewelry, leather goods, metal works, pottery and glassware. It is the pride of ufa and considered as a priceless asset.

At the moment, Ufa is divided in two parts: the Ufa itself and the region of Bashkortostan. The Ufa region is home to the popular Ufa President Hotel and the Ufa State Museum and Art Gallery. Both the hotels are situated at the heart of town and have modern facilities including a restaurant, bar, conference room, gymnasium and a library.

The second part of Ufa, the bashkortostan (the town), has a number of interesting places to visit and has some beautiful gardens. The main buildings of bashkortostan consist of the famous Nicholas Romanov University, the Security Service of the Russian Federation and the Museum of Ufa. In addition, there are a number of art galleries, museums, libraries and other cultural buildings. In the past, the people of bashkortostan had their own postage stamps, and today you will find the stamps available for sale in almost every gift shop or souvenir shop. Thus, for a very unique experience, come and visit the world’s leading hotel group in Ufa.