Guide to Ufa

UFA is the second largest city and capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan within Russia. The cosmopolitan city lies on the river Irtyka near the confluence of Ufa and Belaya rivers, at the heart of Russian Far East. The Ufa-Bank is one of the most popular tourist places in Ufa and many things are organized here to make tourists visit the city. In fact, the main economic activity in Ufa nowadays is the construction of the railways that connect the Russian capital with Chechnya.

There are many historic monuments and landmarks in Ufa that attract thousands of foreign visitors each year. Some of them include the Ural Mountains, the Golden Ring, the Ovgon-Khruday-rovskites, the village of Novosavlovsk, the village of Tverskaya, the village of Severina, the Golden Gate, the Krasnitsin (St. Nicholas) Cathedral, the railway station of Ural, the Ufa-Bank, and many others. The St. Nicholas Cathedral and the Golden Gate are among the top tourist attractions in Ufa. The president hotel is located in the center of Ufa, the bashkortostan hotel is located on the southern part of Ufa, and the Lenina street is a wide boulevard that connects the three places.

From the presidential center of Ufa you can take a train that goes to the town of Severina, a very close by to Ufa. From there you can go to the village of Novosvit. The railway station of Severina is very close to the town of Ufa. You can also take a freight train to the town of Chepuga, the railway station of Krasnitsin and from there it is a very close journey to Ufa. From Chepuga you can travel by road to the town of Ovnagin and from there it is a trip to Ufa.

There are lots of shopping malls and entertainment centers in Ufa and it is very popular with tourists. The most famous shopping mall in Ufa is the “Pavlovka” which is located on the Ufa road. Another very famous shopping center in Ufa is “reshteevskoy ufa”. Tourists from all over the world visit the city center of Ufa.

There are also many good hotels in Ufa. The best hotel accommodation in Ufa is probably the Holiday Club Hotel. The Holiday Club Hotel has two restaurants and four bars inside its premises. It is a perfect place for tourists to enjoy their stay in Ufa.

There are also many good hospitals and doctors in Ufa. The hospitals in Ufa have various levels of doctor staff. Most importantly the prices of hospital rooms in Ufa are much lower than anywhere else in Russia.