Getting to the City Center of St. Glasgow

Ufa is among the biggest cities in Russia, also known as Bashkortostan oblast. It is among the most industrialized, commercial, cultural, sporting, and religious centers of this country, a major transportation hub, situated approximately 1,350 kilometers northeast of Moscow. With its huge port, many fishing boats, grain elevators, grain bins, and other transport goods, Ufa plays a major role in the regional economy. Besides, it has a number of shopping malls and some beautiful landscapes that add charm to the whole city.


In order to reach Ufa from Moscow, there are three international airports of Russia; Moscow, Sheremetyevo International Airport and Kazbekistan Airport. Traveling to Ufa by car is possible only if you drive through the city center, avoiding the Golden Ring Road that provides the quickest way to Ufa from the airport. If you decide to travel via train, make sure you leave plenty of time before your train leaves, because it normally takes about two hours. The nearest hotels to Ufa are the President Hotel and the Trade Union Hotel. From the President Hotel, you can take a direct train to reach Ufa.

The nearest international airport to Ufa is the Chek Lapinski International Airport. From the airport, you can take a train or taxi to reach Ufa. If you take a train from Chek Lapinksi, then it will take you almost exactly to the Chek Lapinski International Airport, but the easiest and fastest way to reach Ufa is by taking a taxi or bus.

In the city center, there are many hotels including those with the most reasonable prices. They are mostly situated in the central part of town and are a short drive away from Ufa. In addition to the hotels in the city center, there are many hostels and bed and breakfasts throughout the cities of Ufa and Cheklapinskiy. Nearby are the train station and the airport of the republic of bashkortostan (lenina street).

You must be aware that flying into Ufa is not a difficult task. Most airlines offer direct flights to Ufa from worldwide destinations. There are direct flights from Ufa to many countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Spain, Norway, France and Japan among others. In addition, there are also flights from many other countries such as China, India, Pakistan, Dubai, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Turkey among others. For tourists, it is much easier to simply pick up a call on any of these numbers and have an airplane take off for the next destination.

In order to reach St. Glasgow International Airport, you will need to take a taxi or bus from the airport. It is important however, that you book a taxi as soon as possible because taxis are often booked up quite early at the airport. If you have already booked a taxi before landing in St. Glasgow, you can simply give the taxi driver directions to your hotel and he will then take you directly to your hotel.