Getting Away With Ufa Vacations

Ufa is the largest city of the Russian region of Bashkortostan. It lies on the bank of the Belaya (White) river and is also one of Russia’s biggest cities in terms of total area of space covered. During the period of the Mongol Empire, their biggest city was also located here, Bashgirdt in present day Russian.


After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Ufa became part of the new country of Russia, called ‘Yarovskiy zaresh’. The most prominent landmark in Ufa is the “Tsentral” or Central square, which was used as the city center before it was converted to a shopping complex in the present day. Here, shoppers from all over Russia and neighboring countries get the opportunity to buy various items ranging from foodstuffs to unique decorative pieces to jewelry. People who travel to ufa often take time out of their schedule to check out the famous shopping centers.

Besides shopping and relaxation, another popular activity in Ufa is golfing. The golf course called the “Gorky Park” is 18 holes and the club-houses of this golf course are famous all over Russia and abroad. In 2021, the last championship of this course was won by the defending Ufa President Hotel and Casino and the winner was Dmitry Medvedev. The city boasts of some stunning scenery especially in winter. The capital has a number of ski resorts as well. Tourists looking for luxury accommodation in ufa can check out the prestigious “president’s Hotel & Casino”.

Another popular activity that tourists can do while in Ufa is fishing. There are a number of freshwater and saltwater fishing charter companies operating in the region and visitors can avail of these services to have a great fishing experience. A lot of tourists who are on vacation in Russia also make it a point to check out the “Zaikinskaya” peninsula where they can fly a helicopter and have an amazing aerial view of its beaches. The peninsula is also famous for its rich marine life. The best seasons to fish in Ufa are the spring and autumn months as the water is relatively clear.

Other popular activities in Ufa include hunting and shooting. Hunting is very popular as many people take pleasure in the sport. Many hunters and fishermen also go on cross-country trips to the Ural mountains, where they can enjoy excellent hunting conditions. Many tourists also go on camping trips to the “Kursats”, a vast tundra region in northern Russia, where they can enjoy spotting a wide variety of animals including reindeer, wild sheep, deer, bears, foxes and other species.

Most sports enthusiasts who get a chance to play sports in Ufa get excited about the possibility of getting to work with their favorite sports team. There are plenty of opportunities to sign up for national championships and tournaments. However, there are also numerous tournaments which allow for the teams to get together for a week or two and play games against other clubs from the region. There is generally an unlimited stay with the hotel, which is also included in the package. This means that after your stay in one hotel you can move to another. The players can also take advantage of a free train service between the hotels and the airport, which allow them to visit other cities along the route of their journey without having to spend money on taxi fares or spend time looking for a cab.