Getting Around


Getting Around

UFA is the capital city of the Russian Federation. It is located on the bank of the Belaya (White) river and is among the largest cities of Russia in terms of total area of land covered. Prior to the absorption of other oblast cities in the Russian Federation, it was primarily a steel manufacturing city. During the period of the Khrusha oblast period, it was the largest city of RSFS.

The UFA is well connected with the rest of Russian Federation by rail, road and air. All modes of transport are available within a few kilometers of UFA. The railway connection is mainly proposed to serve UFA’s international airport. The railway station “Khrud”, the main airport of Ufa, connects it with the major cities of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Afghanistan. The railway connection to Tashkent in the North of RSFS is under construction.

From Tashkent, it is just over a 90 minute drive to Ufa. The railway connections from Tashkent to Ufa, via Belaya, and to the ufa international airport, are by both railway and road. By rail, you can travel to Chechnya, Gazaria, Sambaevka, Nissa, Shepte and several other cities of Russia and Asia.

By road, you can take the “Kursk Moscow” and “Kursk-Krasnits” intercity buses. The intercity bus service “Gaziantrail” and the train “Siberian”. The journey takes about two and a half hours in total. The journey to Ufa from Ufa-Cultural center takes three hours in total. This is a major connecting with Ufa-Bank and Ufa-charges, therefore the journey requires the payment of both. The journey takes you through the beautiful landscapes of Samovias, Bashkortostan, and through the deserts of Bakulakha.

From Ufa, it is just over a three hour drive to Ufa-Khrud. The only highway connection to Ufa-Biryani is through the so called “karachi bypass” – it is a road made out of sand, with no motor vehicles or traffic. The drive takes you through beautiful bazaars, which are still in their original village appearance. You pass through the traditional villages of shashlik, besheyevsk, etc., and then the towns of Krasnitsin and Khodsay, where there are many so-called “gourmet restaurants”.

The final part of this journey takes you through the stunning deserts of Belaya, Krasnitsin, and finally to Ufa, where the accommodation is provided in the so-called “hotels”. In fact, you can find all types of accommodation here. There are so-called “villas”, “museums” and even “tents” – the only difference is that there are no people or other creatures to be found in these establishments. However, these buildings are quite old, which is why they look shabby. The food of Belaya is very good, but prices of meals here are not cheap – about the same as in Russia. Overall, we think that fa-belaya-is a really interesting experience, even though it may take a lot of time and energy to get there.