Geographical Setting of ufa International Film Studios


Geographical Setting of ufa International Film Studios

UFA is a world-famous Russian sports book. It was established in 1992 by Vasili Oschepkov, a strong supporter of Alexeyev, who was then the first President of the Russian Federation. In 1992, UFA took over all the other leading sports books in Russia including Gazelle, Korisky, Betfair, Interval and all the Ufa chains. All these were on the verge of bankruptcy when Oschepkov came along and changed all that for good.

Currently, ufa is associated with many international sports books. Its strong financial position, healthy budgetary results and great cash flow position prompted the watch change, the company has said. The regional capital of the Volga River region of Bashkortostan, the capital of the national socialist republic of the Ufa, is around 1200 kilometers from Moscow. At present, ufa has its main production facilities in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Rostov-on-don, providing the company with an extended area of opportunity.

As part of ufa’s growth strategy, the company is looking to expand its business to cover more regions. Besides St. Petersburg, where it currently has its main production facilities, it also aims to expand its reach to the Black Sea coast. It is currently not planning to expand its services to other cities in the region. The companies main areas of interest are the ones it already serves: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kharkov, Moscow, Rostov-on-don, and Berne.

ufa’s present pipeline of projects is mainly focused on the expansion of its international services. Among those, one of the major tasks is to set up a German-based German television and film production company. In the last years, Germany became an increasingly important partner for ufa in terms of both investments and co-production. The first project decided to be the German language version of one of ufa’s popular movies “Seinfield”. The second project decided to produce a German – Language version of “A village filled with Idiots”. A third proposed to create a German – Language version of “The Ring”.

Another idea by which ufa plans to expand is to set up a German – Language version of “A Christmas Story”. The idea of creating such a German – Language film is apparently inspired by the fact that a German film was successful in worldwide recognition due to the use of a German title. As a result of these moves, ufa now has two main studios in Germany and one in Russia. These studios will allow ufa to tap a greater number of international markets.

Geographical positioning does not seem to be a major factor behind ufa’s success. Both of ufa’s principal studios are situated in Germany and both have a strong presence in Russia. It is therefore not surprising to see ufa expand its global business ambitions. Given the success of “A Christmas Story”, there is no doubt that Georgia and Russia are viable areas for ufa films.