Famous Places of Ufa (Kazakhistan)

Ufa is the capital city of the Russian autonomous republic of Bashkortostan. It is located on the river banks of the Belaya (White) River, on the directions of Samtskoy-Sromyolkova and finally, in the center of Ufa. Throughout the time of the Mongol Empire, their biggest city was based here, Bashgirdt. The city is gradually developing now with a large number of modern and brand new hotels and resorts, in keeping with the growing popularity of traveling to Ufa and other such cities in the region.


The capital city of ufa is a city of great beauty with the most famous landmarks including the Ufa Cathedral, the Museum of Ufa Horses, the Ufa Mining Complex, Samtsevs’ka, and the Dashchirts. All these are important tourist attractions for travelers visiting Russia’s capital city. One of the most popular sights for tourists in Ufa is the Ufa River which flows through the city, taking them on an epic journey across a great Russian landscape. It also boasts a picturesque promenade.

For travelers interested in cultural activities, Ufa has numerous interesting museums with a focus on Russian art and history. There is also a lively theater that has regularly showed some of Russia’s greatest plays and movies, including films focusing on the history of Ufa and the military glory of bashkortostan during the Golden Period of ufa. The theater is run by the Armed Forces of Russia. The theater is not open to the general public, however, it can be enjoyed by paying an admission fee. The history of Ufa as a port of call is clearly illustrated in an exhibit titled “astedemy” (army) and an exhibit called “moskva”, which was formerly known as Archangel.

Apart from the magnificent Russian buildings, the main architectural landmark of Ufa is a row of twenty-two magnificent fortresses. The most prominent among these is the fortress of Vasilievsk, which was considered one of the strongest Russian fortifications at the time of Catherine the Great. Besides its impressive structure, Vasilievsk has been listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Its role in Russian history is highlighted by the fact that Vasilievsk was the point where the two parts of Russia met: the Russian Empire and the Russian nation.

The other important historical landmark of Ufa is the town of belaya. Belaya is another significant administrative area in ufa, and according to one source, Belaya has the highest population density of any Russian region. Besides housing the greatest parliament of Russia (the multipurpose Duma), it also houses the offices of various federal departments, including the Federal Migration Service, Federal Security Services, Finance Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Russian Trades and Customs. Together with its large size and numerous agencies, belaya forms a major junction for all Russian roads, railways, and hryvnia.

Belaya is probably best known for the village of Bylokonsk (also spelled as Blylogyorkon or Blylodskii). It is famous for a white sand beach surrounded by houses, restaurants and other commercial establishments. One of its most famous hotspots is the village of Tsvetnoy, which is popular for its restaurants, discos, clubs, shops and other entertainment establishments. The village of Bylokonsk is also a popular destination for tourists interested in visiting monuments and other interesting places in Ufa.