Facts About Ufa

UFA is the capital city of the Russian Federation. It is located on the river banks of the Belaya (White) River, on the left bank of which the famous “White Sea” flows. During the period of the Mongol domination, their biggest city was also located here, Bashgirdt in present-day Turkmenistan. Todayadays it is the largest port of Turkmenistan with an estimated population of more than 5 million people. Besides being a port, UFA has become a major international airport and a large commercial center.

The major international airport in UFA is the Ural airport (Turkmenistan). The majority of visitors to UFA come from Moscow, however there are small numbers coming from other cities like Khabarovsk, Tashkontino-Khrut, Bishkek, Krasnogor, Samara, Samui and other places. In summer months, however, the whole city becomes very crowded, so flights from Moscow are highly advised during the summer months only.

The most prominent building in UFA is the “Ural Federal Security Service” (FSS) building, the main building housing the FSS. The building is constructed in wood and red brick, and it looks rather similar to a fort. Just inside the entrance to the building, you can find many stores selling maple leaves and other natural products. The “Nazar Bon” is a park with a playground, a swimming pool and a restaurant, which is open in the evenings.

The fastest growing hobby in Ufa is interested hunters, as many foreign hunters have registered their interest in hunting here. The hunting is allowed here and you can hire special hunting boats or even a helicopter to get you into the perfect spots for your search. According to their own records, there are around 700,000 inhabitants who have signed up for a one-year stay in UFA.

Another interesting fact about Ufa is that they have signed a 700,000 extension deal with the Moscow region, meaning that they will be able to stay here for another 7 years. Besides the contracts, they have signed a huge amount of power plant contracts. Of course, we cannot call the power plants in Ufa a big attraction, but they are certainly a great way of providing energy to the entire region. Besides powering all the schools in the region, hospitals, shops and other important buildings, these power plants are capable of producing more than the residents of Ufa will need for a whole year. This means that the inhabitants of Ufa will never run out of gas.

Last but not least, let’s mention about the residence of Ufa itself. The property of Ufa consists of three apartment blocks, each with its own wing, located in the zone of Pskov. As it turns out, the residents of Ufa live in two houses: a residence in Ufa, and a “residence complex” spread over 400 apartments, all of them having their own wing. All in all, if you decide to visit Ufa, you won’t regret signing a one-year contract with a company called “Red Wings”.