Exiled Russian Billionaire Mr. Dmitry Gafurov to Take Over Ufa (Drama Theater)

“It’s time for us to move from UFA to UFA 24H,” announced Jason Houghton, General Manager of UFA Associates, LLC. “After almost a decade of serving the football book industry, it’s time to move on to a new stage of our sportbooks history. I want to personally thank everyone at UFA for all they have done for me and UFA. I am extremely excited to be a part of this exciting new chapter in our sportbooks.”


“We’re very pleased to welcome Jason back to the fold,” said Roger Smith, President of UFA. ” Jason has been a great partner and has delivered on his promise to take our company to the next level. He has made us a better company by developing strategic relationships with educational enterprises around the world, and we look forward to welcoming more of them into our stable of worldwide associates.” Mr. Gafuri will be joining UFA as a Consultant, which will allow him to expand on his past success in the high-end international high-tech industry.

Mr. Gafuri’s strong Russian speaking abilities have made him a sought-after commodity amongst the Russian entrepreneurs. Mr. Gafuri’s experience working in the highly sensitive and competitive Russian internet market has helped him to master the techniques of building powerful, long-term business relationships. The powerful leadership skills he has developed since starting out in 2005 as a consultant to a large internet publishing house has allowed him to assemble a highly successful team of Russian business and technical executives. He has helped to transform many of these Russian entrepreneurs into powerful leaders in their own right, building their businesses into global leaders in the high tech industry. His experience in Russia and his close connection to both President Bush and the current Russian President, Mr. Dmitry Medvedev, has given him a unique insight into the inner workings of Russian business and politics.

UFA is seeking to utilize Mr. Gafuri’s skills to strengthen its international presence and market it in Russia and other nations worldwide. The idea behind this new venture is to create an online library of Russian-language magazines and journals focusing on the highly competitive aspects of Russian industries. The goal is to reach out to the millions of users of the internet in order to bring the vast wealth of Russian culture to their sites. Mr. Gafuri has successfully leveraged his years of experience in the Russian business and communications arena to bring UFA to the attention of companies all over the world. We believe that with Mr. Gafuri on board you have a partner that can ensure that your company will have the best chance at success.

The acquisition of Mr. Gafuri’s services will give UFA a solid foothold in Russia and the opportunity to expand into the lucrative world of online publishing. We believe that with Mr. Gafuri on board you have a partner that can ensure that your company will have the best chance at success. Mr. Gafuri brings an impressive background in programming and strategic marketing to the role of managing the publishing arm of UFA. Mr. Gafuri has also successfully launched several successful companies in Russia and has the experience necessary to manage the growth and development of ufa city.

We believe that with Mr. Gafuri on board you have the opportunity to take full advantage of the enormous potential for growth that exists in the Russian theater and entertainment sector. Mr. Gafuri is well known for his dramatic flair, which he leverages to translate his creative ideas into high-end production quality. His theater experience and theater production training have provided him with an understanding of how to produce a successful show. His enthusiasm and commitment to ufa will enable him to transform his passion for acting into a strategic business plan that will drive the company forward.