Culture and Shopping in Ufa, Russia

Ufa is the largest city of the Russian Federation. It lies on the banks of the Belaya (White) river and is regarded as the political and cultural centre of the country. For over two centuries, Ufa has been the capital city of Bashkortostan and has served as an important trade centre between Asia, Central Asia and Europe. During the early days of Russian statehood, their main city was situated here, Bashgirdt, nowadays it is only the ruins of a great palace that can be seen there. Today, Ufa still serves as a major cultural centre and the largest airport of the region, serving all sorts of flights from all over the world.


A visit to Ufa is not complete without a trip to the zakynthos, the “mountains of fire”. It is a huge collection of fire pits built during the Golden period of medieval Russia. The zakynthos is the only place where you will find a real “forest”, an enormous burning field that stretches for many miles. There are around one hundred and fifty fire pits in all. Each is unique with a unique history. Most of them have undergone a detailed restoration, some of which are still lit, others barely usable.

For the rich and famous, Ufa has a special attraction: the Golden Tree. The Ufa archipelago consists of around one hundred and twenty islands, of which the main island, Ufa, is by far the most popular. The archipelago was discovered by Peter the Great, who made it one of his summer homes. In addition to housing his own yacht, the archipelago also contained a resort and a hotel. The resort included a restaurant, a spa, several restaurants, bars, clubs and even a golf course. In total, the island contained around six hundred and seventy-three rooms, spread across two complexes, each housing one or two hundred guests.

The most amazing thing about Ufa is its idyllic setting. The weather in Ufa is mostly balmy all year round; even in January the temperature is just 4 degrees above freezing. The only time when the temperature goes below freezing is in April and May, and even then it is only slightly chilly. This mild climate makes Ufa the perfect location for nature lovers, especially those who enjoy hiking and camping. The rich Russian tradition of making sure that their visitors have good experiences is perfectly reflected in the various facilities available in Ufa, ranging from nature walks, camp fires, trips to nearby towns and villages, and guided tours through the region’s rich countryside.

On average, tourists spend around twelve thousand and five hundred dollars per week in Ufa, depending on the season. During peak seasons, the price shoots up to around seventeen thousand and seven hundred dollars, but this figure includes the cost of accommodation, meals and drinks for every two guests. This means that the average tourist easily spends around twenty-five thousand and eight hundred dollars per week in total, excluding taxes and other charges. The most common items sold in Ufa include food and beverages, honey, caviar, fresh fish, caviar and other delicacies, honey and champagne, fresh vegetables, tea, and more.

To get a direct experience of life in Ufa, there are no fewer than two restaurants in the town: The Eagle’s Nest and The Bar, both of which offer excellent food and wine. A visit to either restaurant is a sure way to discover the real flavor of Russia: authentic, traditional food served by friendly Russian people. Not to be outdone, the Olga River Restaurant and The Golden Bar are also popular restaurants in Ufa that serve up a variety of cold beers, salsas and desserts. The best part is that these restaurants are located in attractive and vibrant locations, making it easy to combine a night of dancing with a relaxing evening in front of a warm fire.