Cultural Trips to Ufa and Belaya

Ufa is the second largest city of the Autonomous republic of Russian Federation. It is located on the bank of the Belaya (White) river and is one of Russia’s most important cities in terms of population covered. When the Mongols were in power, their biggest city was located here, Bashgirdt, nowadays it is gradually developing into a major international metropolis. Besides the magnificent city center, Ufa has many beautiful places to see, including the Zarnystaya (arts), Pohorjeysko (arts & museums), Chashka (arcades), Pushkin (Restaurants), Semien-Khrush (Bars & Clubs), Tverskaya (Tennis courts), Rashtornoy (Gym) and Tretsa (Tennis Stadium). Besides all, there are many more exciting places to visit in Ufa and if you are a sports nut you will find that it has everything for sports enthusiasts from ice hockey to surfing.

The Ufa house museum is another attraction in ufa, besides the well-preserved architectural structures. It consists of two complexes: the Shekhovskiy Ufa, the Historical Center and the Ufa Region (the home of Bashkortostans) which includes a town called Shekhovskiy. At the entrance of Shekhovskiy, you can have a fascinating look at a monument of a train station that used to connect the capital of Ufa with the capitals of the other Russian cities. The museum also contains a restaurant where you can eat your fill of delicious food, specially prepared by the local people.

The third and last stop of our journey through Ufa is its main city center, Ufa. It is the largest city of ufa and was built in the middle of thirties with the help of an American engineer who is famous for building St. Petersburg’s metro. There are many fascinating monuments here like Orthodox churches, palaces and stunning urban residential buildings. We can wander around the beautiful boulevards or simply take a walk in the city center and admire the splendid architecture.

After visiting the cultural and historic Ufa, our journey is not over. Our next stop is the Velikaya; this place is known as the pocket of Russia. Here one can find all kinds of treasures, both historic and modern. There is a museum of national history, where you can see important works of art by Peter O’Donnell, Vera Aiushnov, Vasili Oschepkov, Grigory Levitich, Aleksandr Pushkin and others. Further, there is a museum of fine arts which has some breathtaking works of Picasso, Warhol, Chares Dickens and others.

The third stop of our trip to Ufa and the capital city of ufa is the famous bashkortostan; it is also known as the house museum of Russia. It was built in the eighteenth century and has been preserved well. The museum consists of various artifacts, including a theatre, a ballet theatre, a cultural center and a restaurant. Besides this, it also has a conservation center with information about animals and human culture in Ufa. This is also the place of residence of Alexander Pushkin and his wife.

The last stop of our cultural trip to Ufa and the capital city of ufa is the village of Moscow. In the village of Moscow you will find the world’s largest salt pans, which have a unique characteristic of their own. You can also visit the village of Severina and go on a walking tour. As always, ufa offers an opportunity to interact with people from all over the world.