Commercial Investment Fund

Ufa is the administrative capital of the autonomous Republic of Bashkortostan; it is located on the bank of the mighty Belaya (White) River. From the times of the Mongol invaders, their largest city once was situated here, Bashgirdt. Nowadays Ufa serves as the only Russian city in Chechnya (Chechnya oblast). The main market for Chechens is food and agriculture and the city has built up a very prosperous agricultural sector.


The first and foremost law on sale and purchase of property in Ufa is the “Sporovaya Zakonina” (inances of sale and purchase). This specifies the main points of sale and purchase, which includes the type of house to be purchased, the place of transfer, the names of the purchasers and seller and other legal documents to be used. The second important regulation is the “R Korolev” (regulations of foreign currency). This provides for the exchange of certain foreign currencies for the domestic currency.

The third regulation is the “Candidiy ufa” (appraisal of membership). An individual must be a member of at least one local organization of his choice within the framework of ufa and the corresponding awards of loyalty dividends are made accordingly. There are various categories within ufa, such as: – Caucasian Ufa (the Caucasian tribe) including Chechen, Ingushchi, Turkoman, Kabardino-Kurdish, etc. – Muslim Ufa (including Chechens, Ingushchis, and Turkyrists) – Jewish Ufa (Kurds, Chelmians, Arabs, etc.) – Nationalities that are recognized as separate groups within Ufa (such as Ingushchi, Turkoman, or Kabardino-Kurds) – Other than these there are two additional categories of Ufa, namely: – Property and other Property – Other resources or assets.

An award of loyalty stock is normally made to an individual, group, association or company and is based on the amount of equity present in ownership. The value of a membership dividend usually depends on its age (the older the better), the current rate of dividends paid by the company to members of its equity community, and the duration of time during which the arrangement was in force. The younger the age of the member, the higher his/her dividend rate. The duration of time during which the arrangement was in force determines the amount of time during which the shareholder can sell his/her interest in the company’s equity.

The most familiar example of ufa are real estate and housing properties, such as apartments, villas, and houses; but there are also many businesses, such as offices, shops, fast food franchises, etc. In any case, in almost all cases of business ownership, a UFA is a recurring revenue stream that is enjoyed by the owner throughout its term. It is only with membership of a UFA or under a compulsory purchase agreement that a commercial investor is able to gain access to the protected market through the sale of his/her interest as a member share equity holder of a company.

Another kind of ufa that is often overlooked is what is known as a “residuals income”, which basically means that the value of a permanent position that an investor has will be unaffected by the performance of any other companies’ stocks or assets. This could be considered a form of non-recourse, or passive, investment share equity. Usually, when this type of investment share equity is created, it is because the company that is offering it will make profits from a specified activity, such as a certain number of sales within a specified amount of time. Residuals income typically originates from sales of commercial interests, and therefore, most partnerships and acquisitions are usually done so with companies that have an interest in or possess a certain level of residuals income.