Cheap Hotels in Moscow – Lenina Street


Cheap Hotels in Moscow – Lenina Street

Ufa is among the biggest cosmopolitan cities in Russia, the capital of Bashkortostan oblast. It is also known as the “new Moscow” owing to the enormous pace of development it sees during the last decades. It is among the most developed cities in the world, a major transport hub, an important cultural, economic, and religious center of the nation, an important transportation route, located approximately 1,350 kilometers southeast of Moscow. It has a very large number of clubs and meets for all kinds of sports enthusiasts. The city is considered one of the most important places for racing and driving.

The first meeting of Formula One teams Ufa and MRF took place in the Soviet capital of Moscow in 1991 with the participation of many famous Russian motor racing teams. Since then, there have been a lot of meetings between various teams of motorsport. After the collapse of the USSR, in which country most of the leading motorsport events were taking place, ufa became one of the destinations for those people who desired to relocate or take rest and relaxation after the upheaval of political and socio-cultural situation.

In spite of its size, ufa still manages to retain its unique characteristic, which attracts people from all over the world. The greatest asset of ufa is its unique location, which makes it a haven for visitors and enables them to travel from abroad. Most of its residents are inhabitants of Bashkir (Russified name of Ufa), while many others are foreigners. Many foreigners find that ufa is an interesting place to visit and spend their vacations, as the people here speak Russian and make most of themselves at the traditional folk festivals of belaya (traditional festival celebrating life).

After the dissolution of ufa, many foreigners flocked to Belaya and started working in huge Russian companies. As these companies needed workers from all over the globe, they had no problem relocating their employees to belaya. The workers in these companies were provided with housing and other facilities by ufa authorities and some of them even bought homes in belaya. Though these workers did not get an opportunity to show their skills in front of westerners, they were able to live comfortably in ufa, contributing greatly to the development and welfare of ufa as a whole. In recent years, many people have also taken advantage of ufa laws and started purchasing houses and renting them to residents of Russia.

Tourists can easily find an accommodation in the capital city of ufa – Rashtroit. However, it is recommended to book your accommodation before traveling to this beautiful city in Russia. The railway station located in Rashtroit is the main access point for travelers travelling to Moscow. You can easily reach the railway station from the town center of bashkortostan. Transportation in the city is very cheap, even by car, and you should consider this when planning your journey.

Apart from Rashtroit, another good travel destination is Lenina Street. This street connects the presidential hotel to the famous shopping mall. This place is crowded and expensive, so you may find it difficult to bargain for the right price. Travelers from Russia and abroad are advised to use the services of a Moscow based real estate agent who would help them find a suitable house or apartment on the cheap. If you are willing to spend around 50 rubles per person, you can find a suitable apartment inlenina street.