An Introduction to Ufa

Ufa is the largest and capital city of the Autonomous republic of Bashkortostan within Russia. The city lies on the river banks of the Belaya and Ufa Rivers, in the middle-tropical region of Bashkortostan. The first town to be discovered by Captain Alexander Theodorov during his first voyage to Ufa in the early 1800s was Volynia. From there he made nine journeys to Ufa, the capital, through the pass through the Ural mountains and to the coast. After that he turned towards the west and in 184 visited Ufa itself.

There are two kinds of currency in Ufa: the role and the ruble. At present the currency in Ufa is convertible to the rubles per person, but in the distant past the currency was changed to the rouble. The reasons for that are difficult to understand. But the residents of Ufa used to pay in rubles per person, and at that time the currency in that region was very unstable. In fact the last official price of rubles per person was about 30 roubles per person, which is not a surprising amount today when you consider that the money exchange rate in Ufa has always been very high.

The nearest large urban centre to Ufa is the Ufa International Airport, which is only 40 kilometers from the capital. From the ufa international airport it is only an hour’s drive to Moscow or Chekhov, another big city centre. On the other side of Ufa from the airport of Ufa plays host to a famous sports festival, the Ufa Arena, which is home to many famous sports events, including football matches. Ufa is also very close to Chekhov, another popular city centre.

From the ufa airport you can take a direct bus to the famous Red-version, or you can also get on a taxi. However, it’s much more convenient and cost effective to book a taxi from the ufa international airport to the Red-version, which is only about one hundred kilometers away. When you arrive at the Red-version, you’ll need to go through customs, where you’ll be given a green light to proceed, after which you can simply walk towards the’Kremlin’ in Chechnya, or the ‘Arena’ in Ufa. It’s very interesting to watch the Russian President being interviewed there by some of the world press reporters.

Nowadays the most important thing to see in Ufa and to get to grips with the local culture is to visit the ‘Ministry of Friendship’ (in English, it’s known as the Friendship Museum). In this building you will find all the mementos that demonstrate the rich cultural heritage of Ufa and its neighbouring regions, such as the Archangel islands, the Baisakhi Peninsula and Irkutsk. After your visit to the ‘Ministry of Friendship’ it’s very important to get back to Ufa and pay a visit to the’Petersburg’ (the old capital), also visited by many foreign nationals each year. The buildings in Ufa remind one of the great periods in Russian history, such as the time when the city was under the control of Catherine the Great, who rebuilt it using expensive materials imported from Turkey. After that, things started to change.

Today, most of Ufa’s older monuments were restored and made into museums. If you’re interested in the ancient Christian culture of Ufa, you can visit the Cathedral of Holy Sepulcher, built in the 7th century. You can also visit the Orthodox Church of Holy Sepulcher and the Church of Christ Conception. This church is one of the most important churches in all of Russia, even though it was built a few centuries ago. The church consists of a huge building, surrounded by colourful statues and mosaics, and it’s well worth a visit.