An Introduction to the Russian Far East


An Introduction to the Russian Far East

Ufa is the largest city in Russia, the second largest city in Bashkortostan oblast, which is also known as Sverdlovsk Oblast. It is among the most important economic, political, cultural, sporting, and scientific centers of this country, an important transportation hub, located approximately 1,340 kilometers southeast of Moscow. Tourists from all over the world flock to Ufa because of many interesting sights and attractions, including an international airport, a railway station, a large number of shopping malls and other popular tourist spots.

The city is situated on the river Ural where it joins the sea. The railway station is linked by rail and water bridges to the rest of Russia and other regions of central Asia, such as China and Mongolia. The major transportation hubs of Ufa include the main railway station in Ufa, the main bus terminal in Ufa, and a number of bus and rail stations throughout the region. A large number of car rentals are available in and around ufa. Tourists traveling to Russia or other parts of central Asia will find that rental car companies in ufa have special car hire services for rent at a very competitive rate.

Tourists coming to ufa to visit the world famous “Motherland” or the capital, Moscow will find the town has many attractions to offer. One of these is the Pushkins fortress. The 3rd century old fortress was used by Russians as their western fortress until the 1930’s when it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the fortress, visitors can marvel at the magnificent golden red and white statues of Russian royalty. They are located just outside of town in an open square surrounded by shops selling souvenirs, food, and souvenir plates. Among the statues is the giant one of a mouse which symbolizes Pushkin.

If the tourists are interested in ancient cultures of Russia, then they may want to visit the village of Novoshyne where they will find a preserved village where the remnants of an ancient town stood until the destruction of the Dashirskoy church. Another interesting place to visit is the village called Gorlovka. It was here that Vasili Vasilievich Chuparovskikh founded the first newspaper in the new world. The village of Gorlovka is also known for its strong cultural roots, including ufa, traditional carpentry, and the beautiful ufa style architecture. Tourists who enjoy historic buildings and architecture will find nothing to compare with the architectural styles of Gorlovka and the village of Pushkin.

The final destination of every contemporary art lover visiting Ufa is the village of Lenina Street. In this center of culture and arts, a variety of artistic styles of Russian arts and crafts are showcased. There are also a number of museums dedicated to presenting works of local artists and promising future artists of ufa. The Lenina Street Art Center is another unique place to experience the rich cultural life of Ufa.

Although traveling by car is a bit inconvenient and expensive, it will allow a more interesting and diverse journey of Ufa. The road from Moscow to Ufa is lined with hundreds of kilometers of beautiful roads, passing through thick forests, along the way, travelers can enjoy the fresh air and wonderful sights of nature, which will surely leave a lasting impression. One day in Ufa is enough to allow a person to see and experience all that the region of Ufa has to offer. If a person will be staying in a resort in the area of Ufa, then he or she should plan on spending two to four days per week in the town, as the climate of the region of Ufa is perfect for relaxing, especially for those who plan on taking a dip in the many bodies of water flowing throughout the village. Even for those who want to spend the day enjoying the numerous sights in town, there are a number of shopping stores and restaurants in the area, as well as the theater and several clubs for entertainment.