An Incredible Place in Russia


An Incredible Place in Russia

Ufa is the administrative capital of the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan. It is located on the banks of the Belaya (White) River south of Ufa, Chechnya and Ingushetiy. During the time of its occupation, their biggest city was also located here, bashgirdt. Today, the city is served by two airports – the Dashnapur Airport and the Ingushetiy Airport.

The currency of ufa varies from rubles per person to rubles per transaction. One can easily find all the information about the exchange rate at the main airport office, Chemnitz. The exchange rates of ufa per ruble are published on the web site of the president hotel. There are three major international airports in Ufa including the Moscow airport and the Krasnodar airport. All the three airports offer the convenience of booking rooms in the capital on the internet.

At present, the oil prices in the world are in a slump. This has had a direct impact on tourism in Ufa. Most of the tourists who travel to Ufa visit the mineral-rich mountains in the north of Russia and the factories of Ufa itself. The prices of mineral-rich rocks have dropped to a few dollars per ton of rock. However, there are some oilers who prefer to travel to Ufa to enjoy the mineral wealth of Dashnapur (the largest city within Ufa), rather than spending huge sums of money on mineral fuel.

The capital of Ufa is quite small in comparison to the larger cities of Chemnitz (the biggest city), Moscow and St. Petersburg. However, it is one of the most important Russian cities in the world. The railway station, which links Ufa with the rest of Russia, is considered to be one of the main sights for tourists. The railway station is connected by the trains of Germany, Finland, France, Poland and Greece. The journey takes about two hours.

The most popular railway station in Ufa, the Ural Mountains, is also called the “White River.” It connects Ufa with the cities of Tula and Nizhniyata. Around this town are numerous mineral spring pools that are considered to be very rich in minerals and fish.

Most people who are attracted to Ufa do not realize that within Ufa there are two zaer-zaer – the words for ‘mountain and plain’ in Russian. The mountain water is almost twenty kilometers long. However, most of its surface is covered with steppe. The fissure-ridden plain is the home of Ufa’s cattle and poultry. In fact, most of Ufa’s income is obtained from the sale of milk and poultry. Most people who visit Ufa also go to the tundra in the area and drink the fresh water that is piped into homes.