All About Ufa, The Russian Dwarf

Ufa is the largest city and capital of the unrecognized Republic of Bashkortostan. The town lies in the middle-tropical mountain region of Bashkortostan located at the confluences of the Ufa and Belaya rivers, at the mouth of the Irbulovka. Ufa has been a major tourist attraction for the inhabitants of Bashkortostan for many decades now. The city was visited by the famous traveler Alexander Kovenko in 1930, who described Ufa as “the most beautiful city in the world”. Since then, many tourists have also visited this place, and many more are expected to do so in coming times.


Besides all this, Ufa has a rich cultural life, where famous works of art, architectural structures, and museums can be found. There are many places of interest and entertainment, such as: the Pushchnik Museum, the Ufa Museum, the Tverskaya Gallery, and the Opera of Ufa. The Pushchnik Museum offers an enormous collection of Russian paintings, ancient artifacts, modern artworks, and other valuable collections. The Ufa Museum in particular is a significant force in preserving the traditional culture of Ufa, as most paintings belonging to famous Russian artists are found here.

Besides all these interesting landmarks, Ufa is also famous for housing the only remaining mansion of the Ufa dynasty, the Severina estate. The Severina estate has its own fortress and palaces, and they are open to visitors once in a while. Besides this, the village of Lenina is also well-known for its museums and artworks, as it is situated between the town of Ufa and the village of Lenina. The villages of these two cities along with the village of Bashkortostan form the triangle Ufa-lenina.

The village of Lenina is home to the only monument of the UFA, while the other places of interest are: the National History Museum of Russia, the Historical Museum of Ufa, the State Museum of Ufa, and the Museum of Ancient Peoples. In all these cities, you can visit places of interest, and take part in special programs that are organized by the authorities of each city. For example, in Lenina you can spend your time going to the Museum of Ancient peoples, and you will be able to participate in a trilateral meeting “Conversations with the Russian People,” which is organized by the Museum of Ufa. You will also be able to attend a special program about Bashkortostan that will be organized by the museum of Lenina. All these events help people explore their cultural roots and learn more about the evolution of ufa culture in Russia and the surrounding region.

If you do not want to travel all the way to Russia, you can simply take advantage of one of the many ufa tour packages that are available nowadays. The most popular tour packages include: the Ufa railroad excursion, a cruise of the Volga River, a trip to Ufa town, a trip to the village of Vorkuta, and even an opportunity to tour the mining village of Naotochka. If you choose a cruise or a vacation package for ufa, you will have all the comforts and pleasure that you will need in order to enjoy it fully. This type of vacation package covers airfare, accommodation, and all the meals and entertainment that you might need during your stay in Russia. The price varies depending on the number of days and the package you choose.

You may have never heard about Ufa, but this small village may be one of the most visited cities in Russia. Besides its rich culture and heritage, Ufa has become a highly attractive place for tourists. One can visit the famous Pushkin’s Square, visit the House Museum, or attend any of the events hosted by the townspeople of ufa.