ACB Signs Strategic Partnership With UFA


ACB Signs Strategic Partnership With UFA

Just over a year ago, Sportbook graded the two leading full scale flying car companies as UFA and ACB. The companies have been ranked in opposite directions since early 2010. UFA’s healthy financial performance, low debt service and strong cash position inspired the rating change, the company said. The region’s regional capital, the region’s district of Volga River’s district of Yaroslavsky, is around 1200 miles from Moscow.

“ACB and UFA represent two of the world’s most popular and successful aviation companies, and their relationship has long been a source of inspiration for many entrepreneurs, sports teams and leisure travel operators throughout the world,” said Aleksandr Osipov, chief executive officer of ACB. “ACB can be proud to be associated with one of the world’s leading and most successful private flying clubs – Ufa. Together, we will build on our shared past and future success in flying cars.” The agreement between Ufa and ACB will be managed by the Russian Government. ACB already has more than 10 years of tracks installed at its air base at Ufa.

In early 2010, both ACB and Ufa were included in a joint venture called the Ufa Flying School. This venture includes a club of more than 400 flying school instructors. The aim of this club is to promote safety at Ufa and also at other Russian airports. In particular, the club encourages students to apply for pilot license training by offering a full range of short-term lessons. The club’s primary target is attracting new students.

For a period of two years, Ufa also cooperated with the Kazakstan Aviation Management Corporation (AKAM) and signed an agreement with them. Under this agreement, Ufa agreed to provide the necessary ground and flying instructors at selected airports in Kazakstan. In order to access this cooperation, Ufa had to fulfill certain criteria. The selected airports were chosen on the basis of their facilities and the surrounding environment. Besides, the selected airports were located at remote locations and were not easily accessible by direct flights from Moscow or other major cities.

Both parties were able to meet their main goals. As a first step, ACB offered to share leading Russian and Kazakstan Airlines market with Ufa. Two new flying school hubs were established in Ufa. Secondly, in cooperation with a Russian airline carrier, ACB will launch a new low-cost carrier to serve the remote areas of northern and central Russia.

“This agreement strengthens our long term cooperation with ACB,” says Alexandr Khromyov, CEO of ACB. “This new development will enable us to strengthen our presence in Russia’s aviation sector. Our partners share a vision of promoting safety and security in the aviation sector, which is in line with our own long-term strategy.” The agreement is the first step in developing a new partnership between two large aviation organizations. Both sides are looking forward to a strong and growing partnership that will be beneficial for both companies.