About Ufa & Russian Football

Ufa is the new capital of the Russian Federation. It’s located on the bank of the Belaya (White) River, which is in the immediate proximity to Ufa. During the period of the Mongol domination, their biggest city was also located here, Bashgirdt in what is now known as Arkhangai. Later on, it evolved into Ufa.

The Ufa Statute stipulates the conditions under which an individual can become a free agent within the framework of sakhalot. Under the law, an individual has to be over 18 years of age, have a permanent citizenship of Russia and he/she should have a permanent residence of Ufa and also in the same country. Conditions for those who have acquired Russian citizenship and wish to change their country of citizenship are not as simple and easy as for those who are citizens of another country. In order to apply for the citizenship of another country, one must first register with the migration authorities of that country. As a result, one can’t apply for ufa straight away. The first step towards becoming a free agent in ufa is by finding out if you are eligible for it.

If you are eligible for ufa you will be required to submit the following documents: birth certificate; marriage certificate; visa confirmation; International driver’s license; Russian passport. After you have submitted these documents, you will be contacted by ufa specialists and asked to provide all the necessary information. After receiving all the required information you will receive a registration number. You will be required to present this number in Ufa together with all the other documents to prove your identity. The next step towards becoming a free agent in ufa is by choosing a team. The players selected by ufa will be informed about ufa and given all the details that they need to get registered with the league office.

Once a player has registered with ufa he/she is free to sign any contract for a specified period. Once a contract has been signed by the player with a specified team then the player is considered an unrestricted free agent. He is not bound to play for that team for a specified duration. If a player is found to be playing for a team after the expiry of his contract, then he will be regarded as an unauthorized player. He may not be given a contract by ufa.

Once a player reaches the age limit (twenty-two years for players born in Russia and twenty-five years for players born in Germany) he/she is removed from ufa and expelled from the league. Clubs are not obliged to accept a player back if they did not sign a contract with them. A player can choose to move to another country and clubs are not obliged to accept him. But in most cases they do.

There is a special committee, composed of four people namely the Secretary General, the Comptroller, the Manager and the President Hotel’s representative. This committee maintains and takes care of the accounts and the financial background of ufa. The club has to submit their reports yearly to ufa’s council. Ufa strictly enacts the rules regarding financial matters. The Secretary General and the Comptroller have the power to order the dismissal of a coach or a manager for not having complied with the rules regarding payments and the like.