About the UFA


About the UFA

UFA is unique Russian sportbooks. It has its roots in two other Russian bookmakers, but the association with UFA and the steady growth of its online presence across the internet has made it one of the most powerful Russian online bookmakers. The bookmaker’s headquarters are based in St. Petersburg, Russia, but the company also has offices in Beijing and Hamburg. The company is highly profitable and it enjoys a strong base in China. It also operates a number of subsidiary companies in different countries. It follows the policy of issuing shares to each of its stakes in the stock market and it does not have a single underwriter.

A player becomes a free agent, if he fails to sign a contract with his present club or if he wants to leave a particular club due to personal reasons. Once a player becomes a free agent, he can sign with any club provided that the player has reached the age of eighteen in the Russian Federation. In case a player reaches the age of twenty-one in Russia, then he becomes a free agent and he is free to sign a contract with any club in the world.

UFA tries to attract more players in the open draft through its unrestricted free agent policy. If a player reaches the age of eighteen then he becomes an unrestricted free agent. Players having contracts with their clubs at the moment of their eighteenth birthday are allowed by UFA to sign with any club anywhere in the world even though they might not be available for the league or UFA cup that season. Clubs are eligible to place an offer on a player only after the completion of the draft. The player’s agent has twenty-four hours in which to respond to an offer.

There are two exceptions to this rule. First, if a player has had a three-year residency in one of the Russian cities of Irkutsk, Kemer or Nizhny Novgorod within the past three years, then he is considered to be permanently resident in his new club. Second, a player can stay in the Russian capital for a maximum of three years provided that he has reached the age of eighteen during that time. If he has not then his registration will be considered as a transfer of a player from his previous club to his new club. The rule concerning transfers of permanent residents is very similar to that governing the registration of foreign players.

As is the case with all other things in the world of football, there are certain rules that need to be followed in order to register with UFA. Anyone wishing to become an eligible player under the rules of UFA must submit his personal details including his full name, age, place of birth and passport number before entering the ufa city league. All documents relating to financial affairs including bank details and salary have to be submitted along with application forms. Once a person reaches the age of eighteen, he will also have to submit his residence permit from his home town as well as his driving license from his country of residence.

The UFA rules also state that a foreign player will be permitted to play for one club for a period of three years commencing with the year he becomes an eligible player with UFA. After three years, he will be allowed to switch clubs. However, it is mandatory that the player should be registered with the UFA club from which he makes his debut. Apart from being registered with the club, he is also required to receive a visa from the concerned authority of his home country to enter the ufa city. After receiving the visa, a player may take up an internship in one of the industrial enterprises of ufa, in return for which he is entitled to receive one ruble of rubles for every day he spent working in the said enterprise. The list of industrial enterprises that are covered by UFA includes factories, khrushchovas, car plants, power stations, steel mills, sawmills, grain mills, food processing factories, textile mills and petroleum refineries.