About the Ufa Tree

UFA is the capital city of the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan, also known as Ural Mountains. It is located on the bank of the Belaya (White) River near the Yenaki (Kish dolls) Lake. For centuries it was the second largest city in the entire Russian Empire, which served as a crossroads for the peoples of all Asia-Pacific countries. In the ancient times, it served as a major cultural center of Central Asia, trading, gathering and religious centers.


During the period of the Mongol domination, their largest city originally was located here, Bashgirdt; today it is considered the cultural center of Ufa (the name of its modern administrative division). Today, the population constitutes around two millions and constantly grows, with the largest concentration of inhabitants being the Ingushum (Kresht) people who are mainly residents of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The most recent statistics indicate that the figure may double within the next few years.

The population of ufa was approximately one million strong, when the country was formed, with approximately half that number originating from central Asia. After the formation of the country, the number of inhabitants began to increase rapidly, reaching nearly two million in the year 1994. At present, the population stands at around three million. As of this time, there has been no decline in the level of total population in ufa. In fact, the level of total population is increasing at a higher rate, especially in comparison with the growth rate registered a few years back.

Total population growth indicates that ufa has plenty of potential residents to support its social and economic system, which, in turn, has allowed the currency value to appreciate. Inflation is also fairly high in ufa, particularly considering that the country’s central bank base is based on foreign currency. This factor has been considered one of the main reasons why businessmen prefer to purchase ufa in bulk. While it is true that purchasing ufa in large quantities would result in huge price discounts, the reality is that the majority of businessmen do not have that luxury. In order to remain competitive, businesses prefer to purchase one ufa item per month.

According to reliable sources, three million individuals make use of ufa products on a monthly basis. Of these, two million of them buy it in bulk, while the other one million buy it in retail. These figures indicate that the price of maple leaves has not dropped drastically. It is believed that the fall in the exchange rate of the rule against the dollar is mainly responsible for this decline in the prices of maple leaves. In addition, the lack of advertising on television and radio is also contributing factors to the relatively stable prices of maple leaves.

The Chinese government has been instrumental in helping to support the production of ufa. In return, the Chinese government has granted many businessmen special concessions. For example, businessmen are not required to pay the necessary taxes or obtain a separate license as is the case with several other countries. A signed three-year renewable for package is one such concession that is regularly offered by ufa producers to ensure that the country’s economy will not suffer from the adverse effects of unfavorable exchange rates.