A Transport Hub For Pakistan’s Travelers


A Transport Hub For Pakistan’s Travelers

It wasn’t long ago that we were looking forward to the coming together of the sports book and the UFA. However, those ambitions have now given way to a long series of meetings and UFA auctions in India, culminating in the sale of the UFA brand to the highest bidder at an expected value of Rs. million. Although the sale of the UFA has raised hackles across the board at the International Association of Sports Bookers (IACSB) and its European counterpart, the European uFA, for various reasons, it seems to be a good business move by the IACSB, especially since the association is likely to become more open to foreign involvement in its sportbooks.

Iran and India are re-kindling their long-standing strategic alliance, which was largely neglected by the previous regime of Modi. The prospect of a nuclear weapon and other potential security issues between the west and Iran created latent fears in India, which then lent support to the ayatollah’s Islamic Revolution. A deal was sealed with Pakistan, but Indian public was not convinced that Iran would not use the nuclear weapon to strike at US bases in Afghanistan or to re-sell nuclear weapons to black-market companies in India. Hence, the timing and venue of the UFA auction were right.

The IACSB, which is the global governing body for the world of sportbooks, had no choice but to sanction the sale of the UFA brand to a bidder who comes highly recommended by a trusted source. The only bidder in this world who can lay claim to the historic and developmental achievements of the Rashid Ali stadium, which is named after legendary Pakistani cricket all-rounder Rashid Khan, is none other than India. India is the only country which have achieved a comprehensive economic boom after independence without resorting to any arms trade, and it has clearly shown that it possesses the expertise and capabilities to develop sports facilities. The Rashid Ali Stadium is the latest addition to a string of multi-stadium projects that are being implemented in Pakistan, and the IACSB is aware that it must keep pace with emerging trends in the world of sport.

Besides the two mega-stadiums, there are many other venues that have been hastily constructed in Pakistan, all of which are either incomplete or overtaking the real historic venues of yesteryear. It has become all the more important to purchase tickets for events held at world-class venues like the Shanghai ZhuJi Garden and the Islamabad Marriott. Both these complexes are built to emulate the glorious glories of the London Olympics and Sydney Harbour Bridge. However, neither of these mega-projects will be able to match the facilities that are being offered at Rashid Ali. It is ironic that the world sports body is sanctioning the proposed mega projects in Pakistan when it is offering the world the best and the most luxurious sports facilities to enjoy.

The Rashid Ali Stadium and the Ufa Museum stand shoulder to shoulder as the priceless memorials of the great Pakistani sporting heroes. A perfect example of the great architecture that has been laid in Pakistan is evident through the case of the Rashid Ali International Cricket Stadium, which is being constructed by the Urdu architect Imtiaz Ali. This will be the fourth stadium to be constructed in Pakistan, following the Dubai International Cricket Stadium, the Karachi International Cricket Stadium and the Islamabad National Stadium. As the world is witnessing an unprecedented interest in Pakistan cricket, it is obvious that cricket fans from around the globe will be flocking to watch their favorite teams play at these stadiums. The presence of the Rashid Ali International Cricket Stadium is sure to earn the cricket enthusiasts even more curiosity, as it is likely to be the home ground for the Pakistan cricket team.

For the resident residents of Pakistan, who would not want to travel to a faraway place just to see their national baseball team play, the new Ufa Railway would offer them a memorable opportunity. The name of the railway may mislead its passengers to believe that it will be a business transport hub, but nothing can be further from the truth. The journey from Rawalah to Islamabad will take only two hours, and then it will turn into one of the major highlights of their Pakistan vacation. The services offered by the ufa-kazan railway are also commendable; from the food that is served on the trains, to the quality of service that is offered by its staff, the residents of these two cities can enjoy the thrill of traveling abroad, without having to worry about the financial crisis!