A Tourist’s Guide to Ufa and the Russian Orthodox Church


A Tourist’s Guide to Ufa and the Russian Orthodox Church

Ufa is actually the largest city and capital of the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan. The city lies in the middle-west of Bashkortostan on vast plains forming the green hills of Ufa. It is also the main port of the region and has many factories, transport terminals, grain depots and grain elevators. Ufa has a great deal of hotels and guest houses catering to all kinds of tourists.

The President Hotel is situated in the heart of Ufa and offers a picturesque view. It is a three star resort hotel having an international feel to it. There are many things to do in Ufa; the Velikova Hotel, the Forum club and the International Transport Centre are some of the attractions. The Velikova Hotel offers a lot of activities to its guests and is a popular hangout for the younger generation. The Forum club offers chess, billiards and other sport tournaments to its members, which attracts the younger generations.

The International House Museum is in the Old Town in Ufa and is a major attraction for visitors from Russia and the outside world. The museum exhibits varied works of art ranging from fine arts to cultural items. The museum also has a fine collection of antiques and works of antique architecture. The University of Rashtjan which is a division of Rashtjan University is an important destination for study abroad students.

The Velikova Hotel has a restaurant that serves food ranging from the famous asparagus soup to the more exotic dishes. The University is located in one of the largest cities in ufa and the institute of political studies is located in the Old Town. Some of its attractions include the famous Bashkortostan Castle and the Ufa Mining Company’s Institute. The museums also contain important collections of antiques, art and other periodicals from different parts of Russia and western ufa.

The town of Rashtjan is a prominent tourist destination in ufa and a visit to the city center is a must on your vacation to ufa. The most famous landmark in Rashtjan is the “Golden Mosque”, which is built in memory of Husain, the first imam of Islam. This palace was completed in 1420 during the time of Shah Jahan. Other attractions in Rashtjan include the beautiful garden called “Zakonassia” and “Zakonesska”. In the evening, music lovers can attend the ” Tol’nama” (“The Old Mosque”) or can go for evening concerts. Besides, there are also traditional dancing performances performed by the local youths.

The town of Kashan along with the village of Zakonassia are visited by many tourists throughout the year. Both these villages are famous for their scenic beauty, particularly the one-kilometre-long river and the picturesque village center. Kashan is also famous for having a good number of monuments and ancient buildings, especially those that predate Catherine the Great. Tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of Russian art and architecture should go to Kashan.