A New Experience in Russia

Ufa is the second largest city and capital of the Russian Federation. The city lies on the confluence of two rivers, at the heart of the Ufa and Belaya rivers, in the north-west of Bashkortostan. It was here that Vasili Oreshkin founded the first pub of Ufa, which later became famous as a place for horse riding. The town has changed quite a lot since the beginning. Nowadays it is a beautiful city and well known for its horse riding, fishing, golfing, polo and skating.


As a part of cultural heritage of Ufa, you can see the historical places like the Cathedral, the Town Hall and the Museum of Ufa. The most impressive building of Ufa is the House Museum, where one can see different kinds of architecture – from the old houses to the most modern ones. Besides the House Museum, there is also a Lenin Museum, where one can find valuable collections of antiques and paintings – some even come with descriptions. The museums represent almost all types of art and artifacts of Ufa.

The last stop of your trip to Ufa is the Lenin Museum. Here one can see the works of many famous Russian painters, including Peter Balintsky, Vasili Oreshkin and Vasili Serebryanykh. The Lenin Museum has special exhibitions dedicated to literature, art, history and culture of ufa. Besides, they have a special theatre group, which provides entertaining live performances. In particular, the theatre group is famous for its ballets based on ufa and shtokha themes.

While in Ufa you should also visit the Military Glory museum. The museum is a memorial of military campaigns of ufa in ufa – the ufa troops’ house museum. Here one can see archive photographs, posters and various objects associated with the military glory of ufa. In particular, the collection entitled “The Return of the Russian Army” is one of the best preserved collections in Russia and Europe. This collection includes items such as rugs, buttons, medals, buttons, swords, uniforms, jackets, caps and other clothing items.

At the end of your visit to Ufa you will need to pay a visit to the presidential hotel. The presidential house has two guestrooms; in the first one you can meet the President, while the other will be reserved for the guests who will come over. You will find two restaurants serving authentic meals, the first one with traditional cuisine and the other with the famous vikhushchi. The first restaurant serves drinks such as brandy and coffee; in the latter you will find the famous vikhoshchi, a traditional Russian vegetable soup. You will find a shop selling different unique gifts and souvenirs; if you wish to purchase something, you can go to the Leninskaia shop and purchase any item you want.

The journey to Ufa takes approximately three hours. Once you reach the town, you can decide whether you would like to stay at the hotels or stay at the railway station. The hotels in Ufa are of medium and expensive range and include two, three, four, five and even six star rating. At the same time, they also offer accommodation for those who are travelling on a budget. The hotels in ufa that are offering accommodation packages include the following: ufa express hotel, ufa star, ufa airport hotel, ufa palace, ufa luxury hotel, ufa train hotel, ufa cultural resort and ufa car hire.