A Little Bit of Everything in Ufa

Ufa is the largest city and capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan within Russia. The town lies on the bank of the Ufa and Belaya rivers, at the junction of these two rivers, on higher ridges forming the hills that form the city. Ufa has a great deal of appeal, as it is an important crossing point for goods and freight moving between the Urals and the China Seas. Most important, however, Ufa is home to one of the best known and most visited sporting facilities in the world – the Dashnapark stadium. The stadium was built for the Dashnapark businessmen but is now also used by local football fans.


The stadium is divided into three parts – the administration area, the stands and the training area. The stadium is officially called Belaya Super2 and is home to the Dashnapark club. The stadium is officially licensed by ufa, the national football association of Russia, and therefore all ufa members are free to use the stadium and its facilities, including the access to the free agent zones.

Belaya Super2 is a huge stadium with a capacity of more than ninety thousand spectators. There are also several pavilions which house various football teams. Many tourists visit Russia every year and buy a holiday home in ufa to stay there whilst they enjoy their time in Russia and don’t have to worry about accommodation. However, it is still possible to get accommodation at one of the many hotels around the village of bashkortostan.

The village of bashkortostan is a picturesque mountain resort and it’s not far from the village of Ufa. Most visitors who come to ufa do so in order to visit the Ufa House Museum & Sport Complex – which house a wonderful art museum and a small theater. The house museum & sport complex are a great place to get to know Russian traditions better and the complex also contains a large collection of modern art. All visitors of ufa are usually allowed to enter the Sport Complex on match days but on match days inside the village there is a small queue of people who wish to go into the Sport Complex to watch a game.

Staying in a ufa villa can make for an interesting stay in Russia but it’s also possible to book one of the relatively few ultra-modern hotels that are still in operation in ufa. Such hotels include the President Hotel and the Lenin Hotel. Both of these hotels are within walking distance to the airport and both have swimming pools and excellent restaurants. The President Hotel is a highly rated five-star hotel in ufa and is located close to the airport and near the village of bashkortostan. The Lenin Hotel is rated four stars and is also located close to the village of bashkortostan.

For the truly cultural experience it’s best to visit the village of Lenino, which is only about two miles from the airport and three miles from the city center. The most beautiful part of town is the fortress itself – an imposing ruin of a 19th century castle perched on a cliff overlooking the sea. The house museum is also located within walking distance and you will find an enormous selection of excellent art work in the form of sculptures, photography, woodcarving and paintings. The village is also home to a rather stunning aquarium and there is a good selection of excellent restaurants, pubs and clubs. Another good option for a cultural experience in ufa is to spend some time in the region’s capital of Moscow. The main point to be remembered is that you should not leave ufa without spending at least a day exploring it.