A Home Away From Home

Ufa is the capital city of the Russian Federation. It is located on the bank of the mighty Belaya (White) River, which forms the chief tributary of the Volkhov River. During the medieval time of Khurasan, it was the largest city located here. Todayadays, Ufa is a bustling metropolis of more than twelve million people where many tourists visit to enjoy a full vacation.


The region of Bashkortostan is an important part of Ufa. Ufa stands for Ural-Uzher, which roughly translates into’Turkmenistan and Bashkortostan. The name Ufa came into use as early as the 11th century when the Rashtids who were ruling in the region came up with an idea to make their capital in the direction of the river they used for trading. The capital of Rashtid dynasty was Ufa. Today, Bashkortostan is considered one of Russia’s biggest cities and has some of its largest and most industrialized cities including Ufa.

Ufa, being an important centre of trade in the region, had been an important trading center for many nations. Therefore, it gained importance as a major commercial and financial center in the world. Besides, Ufa became a major military fortress and served as a winter home for the Catherine the Great as she made an annual trip to Ufa. Thus, Ufa became a major Russian military glory.

Besides, Ufa became a key location for military maneuvers of various countries as they use the town as their summer base. It became a winter home for the Russian army and its military forces as they always sent their troops to the military fortress of Ufa. In fact, even the US army came and rested its troops in the fortress of Ufa in the 1930s. Even though the town had fallen out of importance for the Russian Army, it has re-emerged as a major military centre for both domestic and international purposes. As a result, Ufa became known as a place of military festivities where family members and friends gather to take part in the military sports and other such activities.

With this in mind, Ufa has also become one of the most visited tourist destinations in the whole of Russia. Since it is known as the home of military sports and games, many people travel all the way from Russia to reach Ufa. In fact, the demand for accommodation in Ufa actually outstrips that of St. Petersburg, which is the Capital City of Russia. The popularity of Ufa and its warm hospitality attract many people from all over the world. Apart from being a vital point of contact between Russia and the West, Ufa has become a popular place for tourists to experience the rich culture and strong military presences of post-Cold War Russia.

It is not only a place where people come to enjoy sports like shooting, skiing and skating but also an important point of attraction in view of military hardware and equipment. The latest electronic gadgets like mobile phones have now found their way on to the tarmac of Ufa. Many modern TV sets are also set up in the Red square and the staircase of Ufa gives the feeling that one is in the olden days. It is no wonder that one can say that Ufa has become the new nerve-center of modern day military.