A Guide to Ufa, Russia

Ufa is the second largest city and capital of the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan. The town lies in the center-west of Bashkortostan on highly eroded mountains, at the confluence of both the Ufa and Belaya rivers. The city has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the former Soviet Union. Ufa had been built in the typical Russian way: apartment buildings were constructed in what was once forests and farms. Modern housing standards are generally poor and the city lacks a sense of urgency, especially concerning tourism.


In mid-2021, a ban was imposed on travelling to Ufa by foreign tourists. This ban was lifted in 2021, but flights to Ufa still carry the price of a single ticket. However, flights to Ufa are now available from more airports around Russia and other European countries. Tourists can book cheap flights to Ufa to save money and visit the once-bustling city in their own style.

There are several transportation means to get to Ufa, from the nearest international airport in Moscow (though sometimes this is difficult due to the traffic). The best option would be using the famous “Red double-E” as the main transport in Ufa. Red double-E taxis you to the city center, where you can find hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls. The last two companies – “GAZ” and “Zazen” – offer cheap flights to ufa within Russia and also for Europe. There are three major transportation hubs in Ufa: the very busy Shekhovskiy International Airport, which is around 30 miles from the city center, and the nearby Ufa railway station.

Getting to the Ufa by train can take you through the mountains and by some time you will arrive at the huge Ufa International Airport. In fact, you can even reach Ufa by taking the train to Moscow and then using the same train to reach the eastern part of ufa. The best way to travel to Ufa is by using direct flights to Ufa and also purchasing online tickets for cheap flights to Ufa. Some airlines offer flight tickets to Moscow and other major cities of Russia and also those of Europe. Even though there is a high price associated with this, it can be much cheaper than traveling by train, if you are patient enough. You should consider booking your flight ticket in advance as flights are extremely popular during holidays and particularly during New Year.

Once you have reached the city center, the best way to travel to Ufa is by using the metro. It is possible to reach Ufa by bus, but there are no reliable services to take you from the airport to the center. One thing you should not miss when traveling to Ufa is a visit to the Ufa National Library and the Ufa Historical Museum. These buildings are a must see and they are also home to a good number of paintings and sculptures depicting the history of Ufa.

The restaurants in Ufa provide food of exceptional quality. There are plenty of local and fast food chains as well as many national brands that produce unique products. The climate of ufa makes it the ideal place for exploring and sampling all types of food, both traditional and modern. Tourists who plan to spend a couple of days in Moscow’s capital should make sure that they have a comfortable accommodation.