A Guide to Ufa, Germany

Ufa is the largest city of the Russian Federation. It lies on the bank of the Belaya (White) River, which flows through the whole of Bashkortostan country. During the time of the Mongol domination, their biggest city was located here, bashgirdt. The city has been entirely rebuilt since it was first captured by the Mongol Empire.


Over the years Ufa has established itself as an important place in the film industry. There are many films being shot here mainly as the filming for TV shows, but also movies and animations. In order to cater to these demands, the town has several ufa cinemas where movies are released. Since these ufa cinemas do not allow smoking inside they have placed a ban on cigarette smoking inside.

A visit to ufa is a great opportunity to see some of the world best films and watch how professional crew works hard to make a perfect movie. Most of these films are made in the famous green village called Gromyok which is around twenty-five kilometres away from Ufa. The village has many German restaurants where one can easily catch a good meal and drink. Most film productions come to this village during a few days of shooting and so do not expect to find anything in the local store until the whole movie is done.

The town of Ufa and its surrounding areas is also well known for presenting German films. The erich brothers had filmed some films in Ufa and it was also the home of the German film festival. The festival usually takes place during April. From this festival the brothers received many honors and gratitude from the Russian authorities. Among the guests that received them were the ministers of Germany and also the president of Russia.

Besides the festivals that take place in Ufa there are also other important German events that happen here all through the year. In July the babes of all the contestants from the Eurovision Song Contest are welcome to the city of Ufa. The best things that you can do in Ufa are shopping and sightseeing. The shopping places in Ufa are full of German brands as well as other famous brands of European countries. The shopping center named “Haus am Kust” sells many fashionable clothes, fashion accessories and jewelry from all over Europe and some of them can be even cheaper than in the ufa itself!

Last but not least, in the summer time you can go on a day trip to the Berchtesgarten in central ufa. Here you will find an area dedicated to photography and film. The Berchtesgarten is the same place where you will find the largest collection of modern art in Germany. In the summer months, there are so many performances by contemporary artists in Berchtesgarten as well as at the theaters of the Elbe. One of them is by the legendary German artist Peter Eisenman. After visiting all these important locations in Ufa, you should definitely plan to spend your next vacations here.