A Guide to Russia’s North, South, And West By Plane


A Guide to Russia’s North, South, And West By Plane

Ufa is among the largest cities in Russia, also known as the capital city of Bashkortostan Oblast. It is amongst the most industrialized, fastest-growing, and fastest-changing cities of the nation, an important transportation hub, located around 1,350 kilometers southeast of Moscow. The city, which is famous for its large number of shops, shopping malls, cinemas, banks, bus stations, railways, and military installations, was incorporated as a new autonomous republic in July 2005. The main cities of Ufa have a lot in common with other leading Russian cities, including: Moscow, Tverland, Irkutsk, Samtromcheni-Kul, Barnaul, Chepula, Ingushetiy, Nizhegoro, Saint Petersburg, Samtropolis, and Rostov-on-don.

In summertime, Ufa presents itself as a paradise on wheels. The cosmopolitan city of Ufa plays host to Formula One race events, the International Amateur Motor Racing Championship, and numerous international car rallies and racing events. Belaya, which is the main railway station of Ufa, is also the main transfer point and destination for flights from Moscow and other major cities of Russia.

Over the past few years, there have been extensive renovations conducted at Belaya, to make it a more convenient transfer hub for tourists. The most recently conducted renovation saw the opening of a new terminal with an expanded rail service. Besides, other new facilities are under construction, such as a new bus terminal and an intermodal hotel. Besides, the railway station and the Belaya Hotel have received modern interior furnishings.

Although the vast expanses of tundra in the north of ufa are beautiful to behold, it has only limited transportation connectivity. In spring, when it is most beautiful, however, it can be reached by driving across the Ufa-Krasnogor highway. From the southern tip of ufa (the town center), the journey takes only two hours. Most goods still need to be delivered by trucks from the capital, Moscow. To reach the northernmost parts of delay, either by train or by taxi, travel across the Kublis-Khrushnoz railway line.

Tourists who would like to spend the winter in ufa have to book beforehand their trips to belaya and ufa itself. Tourists can visit the popular winter sports resorts of Plesos, Krasnogor, Chornovskiy and Biletovsk. The Rasht river is also a popular tourist attraction. At the southern tip of ufa (the town center), a new terminal has been constructed to facilitate rail transport to the capitals of Moscow and Shepil. The journey by train takes approximately three hours, but by taxi or bus takes only forty-five minutes.

The journey by plane also takes nearly three hours. When arriving in ufa, the traveler should take a taxi to reach the presidential hotel, which is situated along the boulevard Uarovski. From the presidential hotel, travelers can travel by train, bus, taxi or car to various destinations in and around Moscow and other major towns in the region. Travelers can stay at the presidential hotel for free and enjoy all facilities that are available in the region.