A Guide to Russia’s History and Today’s Hotels

Many people fly to Russia and many more fly from locations in and around the U.S.A. Many of these people fly with American Airlines or other major carriers but are denied visas and passports by immigration and often, they must fly to Russia to board a plane. You may be able to fly to Russia by using one of the special Direct Airline flights that fly out of Canada. The airline flies from Vancouver to both Moscow and St. Petersburg – another important Russian destination.


Flights from Toronto usually arrive in Ufa International Airport (MIA: UFA). There is usually at least one direct flight from Toronto to Moscow and sometimes to St. Petersburg as well. There are also charter flights from other cities to Moscow as well. The airport lies Southeast of the largest city in Russia and not too far from the cosmopolitan city center of Saint Petersburg. Many tourists like to take a quick vacation or catch a movie in the larger city.

The two largest cities in Russia, Moscow and Saint Petersburg, have the most flights to and from Ufa. Both of these cities have modern airport facilities with plenty of seating space for long distance flights. Both cities have rail links and good bus systems. There are also many hotels, bars and restaurants. There is no real reason to fly to or from these cities other than to enjoy the beauty of Russia. However, the hotels in both of these cities are very expensive and you will save quite a bit of money if you fly from either of these airports as opposed to spending it on a hotel room.

Hotels in both of these cities are around the same cost as a decent four star. It is worth the money because you will be staying in the best hotels in Russia. The president hotel offers rooms for up to seven nights for those that need the service. The rate for this service is around three rubles per person. You may want to book a package deal to include meals and breakfast in case you are planning on visiting Russia during the winter months.

The next airport to which you should fly to or from Ufa is the Severodvinsk International Airport. The terminal is similar to those of the Ufa airports. There are a few hotels in the vicinity of this airport including a couple of budget hotels. You will find very high standards and very low prices of all types of accommodation in and around the capital of Russia.

You should contact a travel agent in order to get the best deals on your vacations to Russia. Russia may be very expensive, but there are ways to make your trip more affordable. You can contact a free agent who will organize trips to Russia, whether you are traveling by yourself, with your family or with your friends.